Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's that kind of Tuesday

It's that kind of Tuesday! The busy one, the at least it's not Monday one.

6:15- Alarm goes off. Lay in bed for a bit and then finally get up. Have to be early/on time today. Get ready.

7:12 run out the door to catch the 7:13 bus. I miss it. Go back to the house and put on my mascara since I didn't finish my makeup. I am taking the bus because I have a meeting on campus that has little to no parking available nearby. And is close to a bus stop.

7:27 make this bus. Do some reading on the ride.

8-12 Attend long meeting. My boss is facilitating. It is long, has over 40 participants but he keeps things on track and we accomplish most of our objectives. Generally he is great to work for because I learn a lot from him. He is a good presenter, good conflict mitigator, and can take really confusion, jarbled, not so clear language and re-state it in ways that make sense to everybody. I feel like I am a decent communicator- but I really want to figure that out.

12-1 Grab lunch with some coworkers after the meeting. We mostly de-brief on how the meeting went. Against my better judgement I order rosemary asiago fries with my pulled pork sandwich. So delicious.

1-3:30 Catch up on email. Follow up ins few items. Forward my notes from the meeting to a few people.

3:30-3:45 meet with my boss briefly I like to sync with him every few weeks to make sure I am focused on the right things and just check in generally. Things are good.

4-5 Do some more work at my desk

5-6 Meet with one of my clients to review a document I produced. Make a few changes to the document during the meeting.

6-7:15 - Leave Work... Take a bus to my polling place. Vote in the Presidential Primary. I was the only one there, and apparently the 12th voter they had that day (out of 1600 or so in the precinct). So sad! But the precinct I am registered in is mostly students, and it is spring break. I liked voting, but again would rather be in Florida. Run to catch a bus home from there. I am 10 feet from the bus and it drives away. UGH! Wait and get on another bus. It leaves, then mysteriously turns around and goes back to the original bus stop and just sits for 5 minutes. On the phone with John at this point, he comes to pick me up. We head to McDs and have dinner (shameful I know. Figures the week I am doing full disclosure we eat out at mcdonalds.) We run home and I change for my  tap class and take off.

7:30 - 8:30 - Go to my tap class. I love taking tap again. It's amazing how you remember things you learned when you were younger. Generally I have forgotten very little, tap dancing is like riding a bike to me. We start learning our recital number to Michael Jackson's "Bad". Yes. I am dancing in a recital. No, I will likely not be passing out tickets so you can watch me embarrass myself.

8:45 - 10:00 Get home, hang with John. We play Agricola again (need to give this game back now... it is addicting...) We both do really well in the game but alas he wins. We go to bed and both read again until we fall asleep.

Since I was a slacker and didn't post last night -- I can add a few more details from overnight:

11:30 pm - Cat wakes John up with Scratching. (As in our bed skirt, right by our heads)

12:30 am- Cat wakes me and John up with Meowing (John kicked him out after previous disturbance).

1:00 am - Cat wakes John up with meowing.

1:30  am- Cat wakes John up with meowing. John lets cat back in room because he is tired of meowing.

2:30  am- Cat wakes me and John up with scratching, jumping on top of us, meowing etc. John says -- "This is the Fourth Time he has woken me up!!! What are we going to do???" I take cat to kitty prison -- ie the guest bathroom where his litter box is. Far from our room where we cannot hear him cry. He has never gone to kitty prison before, but he has never been so intent on keeping us up all night.

Did I mention I am nervous how we will handle a baby keeping us up all night? If we can't handle a kitty? Oh my.

Hope you had a great  Tuesday.

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