Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Creating expectations at work today, thought of a few for my personal list as it relates to work.

1. Communicate regularly with the people I care about.
2. Cook a few meals a week and avoid eating out as much as possible.
3. Have friends over at least once a week.
4. Have time to serve my friends/family/rockstar husband.
5. Workout. And find gym/classes/fitness activities that are available when I am off work.
6. Craft a little. Garden a little. Maybe do a little that isn't work?
7. Take a weekend trip every now and then.

Any thoughts?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Core Analyst Training

The latter picture might be a good example of why I sometimes come off as "intense". This is the group I have been doing training with for the past few weeks. Sad to leave everyone... but happy to be heading home.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

a love(ly) day

enjoying northern cali coasts together <3
Can't wait to be back in A^2 permanently. I miss John.

A New Identity

Glad you made it to my new blog. Welcome!

Changing your name is really a strange process. Right after I got married I had somewhat of an identity crisis. A brief look at my inner psyche:

Me: Hi, I'm Kristin Bates. I am a calm, confident young woman who is trying to keep herself together. I am a bit of an overachiever, overscheduler and overthinker but it works for me. So who are you?

So... who is Kristin McElderry?

It was really odd. I felt like I didn't have an identity as Kristin McElderry. I thought to myself "No, I am Kristin Bates."

But, as time passes I am getting over this. I have yet to change my work email, drivers licenses and banks are taking a while and I still sign most things Bates McElderry. However, I am realizing more and more that Kristin McElderry is just like Kristin Bates-- she is just married (and perhaps more patient with that whole married bit!)

I think one of the key reasons behind this internal struggle is that I am proud of my name Bates. I am connected to an incredible family by that name. I did a lot of great things in that name and it was as much a part of my identity as any other part of me.

(For the record, my new legal name is Kristin Michelle Bates McElderry)

Friday, March 12, 2010

first day

My first day of my first "real" job. Woot!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Recently I had a friend post a few (innocent) confessions. Thought I might have a go...


Definitely checked my luggage this week while I am travelling for I could bring my sewing machine. Did I mention I was making sock monkeys?

I have yet to print a SINGLE wedding picture. Shameful.

Just became addicted to The Secret Life of the American Teenager. And I watch the Office. And Grey's. And Private Practice.

I play Settlers of Catan online. 'Nuff said.

I facebook stalk all my friends who get married for like a month after their wedding, because I LOVE looking at wedding pictures. (does anyone else do this?)

I used to "fake bake" in late winter during school. Just needed a dose of sunshine and to feel warm for once to survive finals.

I brush my teeth while I go to the bathroom to maximize time in the morning. (sorry, tmi)

I trip/stumble/fall on my face about once a day.

BIGGEST pet peeve is bad/inconsistent customer service. ESPECIALLY when you are promised one thing and delivered another (and they deny promising it!!).

Hosted HUGE Harry Potter parties in High School for the premiers. Did I mention we dressed up and there was butter beer and pumpkin pasties?

I have still not finished (or made much progress) on my 40 things I learned in college posts. I will finish these, it might just take me a little bit.

I worked at Sonic (Drive In) for 2 weeks this past summer. Worst Decision Ever.

What are you confessions?
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