Thursday, January 15, 2009

More success by being joyful!

I am reading for my Behavioral Theory in Management class and I just read something that struck me (and I consider worth sharing) from the Book "The Art of Possibility" by Zander and Zander.

"You are more likely to be successful, overall, if you participate joyfully with projects and goals and do not think your life depends on achieving the mark because then you will be better able to connect to people all around you. On the whole, resources are likely to come to you in greater abundance when you are generous and inclusive and engage in your passion for life. There aren't any guarantees, of course. When you are oriented in abundance, you care less about being in control, and you take more risks. You may give away short term profits in pursuit of a bigger dream; you make take a long view without being able to predict the outcome. In the measurement world, you set a goal and strive for it. In the universe of possibility, you set the context and let life unfold."

I think this is really neat- and really interesting when I am surrounded (in Business School) by a ton of people doing ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to have an edge and get ahead of the other person. As a generality, most people in my classes have seemed to value competition, pride, success and money. And don't let me fool you- there are some really nice people at school with me, and in some regards their go-get-'em attitude is wonderful. BUT- I do think this attitude, this "universe of possibility" will lead to a much greater happiness. Anyway, just my thoughts for the day <3

Kristin :)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Overview of the Holidays

Hey all! So instead of write an expose on each thing I did over break I thought I would highlight some of the greater moments since I got out of finals!)

The day of my last final, to celebrate I stayed up all night sewing a bag. Yep, dork.

While I was still in Michigan I convinced John to play hookie and go have a "christmas day" with me. We headed to Frankenmuth, and also hit a tree farm on the way.
We got our first ever Christmas tree together. And... we even decorated it! We only got to enjoy it for a few days, but it was so much fun!

I prepared and sang a song with John for my family (it was called Star Bright, and we sang in Spanish and in English!)

I gave my mom a homemade quilt (I even designed the top!) and my dad a decoupaged bird house. (pictures to come)

I went to midnight mass with my family, then woke up the next morning for presents and egg nog french toast (YUM).

John had a birthday, so I planned a party :)

I went bridesmaid dress shopping (yes, one of my BEST buds Jamie is getting married and chose me to be a bridesmaid!!!!!)

I went to Arkansas, hung with John's awesome fam and saw one of his nephews be baptized!

I went to the emergency room at 4 in the morning... yeah not being able to breathe is scary. (allergy attack-gah!)

I went to a church new years dance, and then hardly could stay up through the new year.

I had a wonderful, relaxing break where I cherished many loved ones and felt enriched by their love and the spirit. Oh what a joyous season! Christ is born!

And now, feeling prepared and ready to get going... it's back to the grind!

<3 Kristin
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