Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Halloween :)

Jen and Jody are so great!

Wanna bob for apples?

Brady and Kara were Mr. and Ms. Monster for our pageant ;)

So, this was just to emphasize the ingenuity of the lighting. Bball hoops do a LOT. ha!


To catch up on some posts- here are some pictures from a recent activity called "the Balloonatron". Just imagine all of the fun you have every had in your life- and add balloons. Yep, it was pretty awesome. Here are some of my fav's. Please do note, that balloons make me really excited. Ha!

Still reminiscing about the soiree...

Okay, I just found this on facebook, sooo pretty!

p.s. Yep, I am going to post a ton today. Finals ending has energized me to do a lot of fun things!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Star of Wonder...

Here are some highlights from the Soiree this weekend. It was a lot of work, but it was so much fun. It was exactly what I wanted, an enchanted holiday evening. We danced the night away under the stars (or you know, twinkle lights) and celebrated the best season of the year. How wonderful!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Is the Internet actually making us MORE closeminded?

I am doing some research for an exam on Tuesday, and one of the questions is about whether the options to customize things like RSS feeds and readers is actually a good thing. For example, if we only read our rss feeds (of websites we choose because we like the content)- would most people ever look at anything outside of their own beliefs? Ie, if you only watched CNN all of your life, how would that change what you thought as compared to reading a variety? So this article by Cass R. Sunstein argues that we become more homogenous by reading the same content, because even if it is a social network most of the users have the same interests as us (and the outliers are ignored- called the echochamber effect).

Anyway, what are your thoughts? Do you think by creating a"Daily Me" can limit you (as far as what you might see)?

This is my google reader (not used that much). This is all the stuff Brady shares with me - he should comment and tell me what he thinks :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bubbles: A myth from my childhood

This past weekend I went home for Thanksgiving to spend it with my family. In a sad sequence of events, I got really sick on Sunday night and was pretty much glued to the bucket beside my bed. Needless to say, I was in no state to take my 7 am flight (considering my last bucket adventure was at 6am). As much as it was awful being sick, I spent the rest of the day just me and my mom laying around and relaxing (well I laid around, she was productive). It felt amazing actually, and my mom and I had some great conversations. She suggested to relax a little bit (and get all squeaky clean) that I take a bubble bath complete with candles and calming music in her world pool tub (the great kind that has jets). This was relaxing to say the least, and herein is my discovery of a childhood myth.

Myth: You can NEVER have enough bubbles.
Reality: The bubbles will attack and consume your bath time.

Maybe my parents were just kind of scanty on how much bubble mix I could use... but I was sure that there was no end to the need for more bubbles. So upon my adult bubble bath experience, I read the directions and it said to "pour generously" from the bubble bath mix. Needless to say, with the jets on and enough hot water I was drowning in bubbles - like 6 or more inches of bubbles.

I still enjoyed my bath, gosh I can't remember the last time I had taken a bath. But, be warned! Those bubbles will get you! (or at least prepare to shower to rinse off the bubbles!)

Take care, hopefully you survived (and enjoyed) my silly bubble post!


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Accomplishment: What I did today

So, maybe I am just slightly pathetic and feel overwhelmed by all my tasks. But, realistically I always feel like there is so much more ahead of me than what I have accomplished, and lately this has just made me want to curl up in a ball and quit. Yes, quit. EVERYTHING. So as illogical as this may be, it is my mind and it is my mind's prerogative (I have little control over the downward spiral of these worries). So in attempt to combat the mind, I am just going to briefly cover ALL that I accomplished today, because it was a good day.
7:15 shower, makeup and hair (woah, a lot more than usual)
8:00 Bus to central campus
8:30-10 Marketing Class. I presented a project I have logged over 45 hours on in group meetings, which is worth 30% of my grade. Yep, big deal. And, I ROCKED IT!
10:00-11 Meeting with LHC group to review upcoming presentation
11:00 Lunch at East Quad
11:30-1 LHC (class)- Presented the group project (probably had about 8 meetings to prepare up to this date)
1:15-2Marketing Research Experiment, basically I have to do this to pass my mkt class
2-2:30 Visited American Express Office Hours, I would really like to work for them.
2:30-5 Napped at the Institute. 4 hours of sleep didn't do it the night before
5-6:30 Attended American Express Corporate Presentation
6:30-7:45 Met with Phil to discuss Activities Committee
8:00 Went to the Chamber Orchestra Show with John
10:00 Went to Kroger, then watched Over the Hedge with John and roomates
12:15Arrived back at dorm for the first time since the morning
12:15-Current: Surfed, sent ward emails and wrote in my blog.

I think it is time for bed. Thanks for reading, not every day is like this. I had to write though, because I spent the entire orchestra show plaguing my mind with all I had to do and wouldn't be able to do. BUT LOOK! I have already done so much!

Kristin "working on my mental health issues" Bates

Thursday, November 6, 2008

In Love

John is such a wonderful and selfless man. When I am so down, he lifts me up. I know that he truly believes I can do anything, and that unending faith in me is SO empowering. I am so grateful for his presence in my life, for his love and ultimately for the relationship we cherish.

Today was a rough day. I was tearing myself down because again I felt incredibly overwhelmed and not up to any of the tasks ahead of me. John also didn't feel well, and his work wasn't going well in the lab. I also have had work and group projects every night, so tonight, as most days we won't get to see each other.

But lo and behold, upon arriving at work there was a letter in my inbox. A love letter. I instantly forgot my uncertainties as my heart swelled at the incredible support John gives me each day, especially when I am in need.

It is my only hope that I can love him, and support him in a way that I can always be his and just be deserving of such goodness.

So today, in perhaps a slightly intimate, slightly mushy blog post, I express my love for him.

Off to take on the world, for he loves me!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Baby and Apple Picking Squirrels

This is Angela Lee, she is my sis-daughter in Alpha Gamma Delta, my sorority. She is a wonderful girl, and this picture just makes me smile because it embodies our relationship. She lived with me this summer in Ann Arbor in a little one bedroom apartment. We had soo much fun though. I love spending time with her, especially when John and I get together with her and Andrew her boyfriend. We pretty much spent all summer learning to play (and finally beating them at) Euchre. But back to Angela. She is just this fiesty little italian cutie who has a ton of energy and a ton of love for her sisters and for me. I remember really clearly at one of the first ceremonies we had, she said that she was in our house because she had the best relationship with her sis-mom (me). I have always felt lucky to be close to her, and gosh she is just such a cutie!

On a fun note, here are a bunch of my sorority sisters (and me) at an Apple Orchard last Sunday. We were being squirrels, because oddly enough that is our mascot. But, I strangely have an odd love for squirrels now...

Well, hasta luego for now. I just bought the most recent twilight book and it's time to get cracking (so much for finance hw).

Love you all,


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mom, Dad and Me in the Mountains

Hello Blog world! See, I might be getting better at this posting thing!!

So my momma just sent me some pics from our trip two weekends ago to Colorado. I flew to Denver on Friday morning and was in the Rocky Mountain National Park by noon. It was so beautiful, and it was really great getting to spend that much time with my parents. We hiked, chased elk and spent numerous hours in the car trying to hunt down a big ram.

But more than that we spent time together, laughed at my dad's elk antics and really enjoyed one another's company. I had a lot of stuff going on that weekend at school, but I just had to tell people, I HAVEN'T SEEN MY PARENTS IN FOREVER! I really don't think I have gotten to be an only child like than since who knows when. No matter what, it was just amazing, and I am so grateful and blessed to have had the opportunity to see them. I love my family, and I love the rockies!

Enjoy the pictures (and the majesty of the mountains)!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Alpha Gamma Delta= LOVE

I am so proud to be an Alpha Gam. Here are my beautiful Junior Sisters just being wild and crazy.

Kristin Turns 21

So I just thought I should stick these up here. I turned 21 on September 12, 2008.
WOOO HOO!! That night there was a ward activity, where me and my co-chair (I am the activities co-chair) made homemade jambala and gumbo. I also made homemade cornbread.... yum!!Then I skee-dattled over to my sorority where they were having RUSH Practice, where my family (we have sis-moms and sis-daughters) got me a birthday cake and sang to me! They are so wonderful. Later that night, me and John along with some friends from ResStaff went out to a club... where I was old enough NOT to have an X on my hand. We had a good time, no alcohol consumed though (bleck!). We left the club feeling a little wraunchy (clubs are kind of like that...), but all and all it was an AMAZING Birthday! I got cards from my mom, dad, grandma and elder mackintosh. John bought me a dvd player, and a good book and a john bytheway cd. We hung out the next night for my birthday, which was also really awesome. OH! It is so fun being celebrated sometimes (even if it does mean I am getting older each year).

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Resident Advisor 101

Hello Blog World!
SO I promise I am going to try and be better about this. I really love blogging. I am not really sure that anyone reads this, but I just like the idea of being able to share stuff via the internet. Also, I really love writing. I wish I practiced it more and had taken more classes at the University. I always wanted to be a writer when I was younger... but I never really developed the talents to do that. So anyway, here is my shot at e-publishing.

SO! I am a Resident Advisor at Bursley Hall at the University of Michigan, which is actually a huge accomplishment. They interview from over 500 or so candidates, and roughly 120 students get the job. That means this is an accomplishment... but it also means it is a lot of work. I took a Residence Education class last semester for 2 credits, and I came to school 3 weeks early for some really intense training to get ready for my residents. The training was amazing, and I know I have learned as much from this experience (if not more) than from many classes I have taken.

My residents moved in August 26, 2008, so soon we will have been living with eachother for two weeks! They are some really awesome girls, I am excited to be with them. I really have tried to focus on building strong relationships with them from the beginning, so that throughout the year they will be a lot more successful and my job will be a lot less stressful.

It is so interesting seeing them adjust to this new environment, it makes me reflect on how I felt when I first came to school. Even though I am a very strong, outgoing and optimistic person... it was a really difficult time in my life. Most students are leaving their families for the first time, adjusting to harder classes, missing friends (maybe boyfriends) from home, and being exposed to whole lot of things they had never seen before. AH! SO many things at once!

I feel really privileged, and very prepared at the same time to be working with them. I know that I am supposed to be doing this job, because I have been blessed with gifts that will really help them. I already see them becoming close with one another, trying to take leadership within the hall, trying to solve problems on their own and acclimate themselves to college life. Not to say that this job is without struggles, but it is really a great experience. I love working with people, helping them, empowering them and ultimately making them feel comfortable in their own shoes. I hope that I can have this kind of impact in people's lives long term... I just have to find what I should do to get there.

Well, that is all for now. I love life right now. I am taking some CRAZY classes, but I really feel like I am giving myself ample time to conquer all that is on my plate. This year is about shaping my future baby! And oh how bright it looks :)!!

Lots of love,


p.s. This is my super cool dorm!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Trip to Ohio

Hello! So in June John's brother Josh moved to Columbus, OH to do his residency. So John and I took a trip out there one weekend shortly after they moved to say hello and for me to meet everyone. Josh and his wife Lara, are awesome as are there three kids. We also took the opportunity to visit with my Aunt Irene who lives north of there. I got to visit my Grandpa's headstone, and also put some flowers on his grave. That was my first time to see his grave site since he was buried.

My aunt took us to this great park on the way back where we took a ton of pictures, and I got this great one of John with this awesome peacock. I kind of like to think he is my peacock... he has to show off every now and then ; )

Lots of blogging love,


Rachel Comes to Visit

Hello! Rachel (one of my best friends from HS) came to visit me in May right after she got out of school. We had way too much fun! Here are some pics from her trip!


So I really stink at posting on this blog! I have 3 blogs now (2 public, 1 private), clearly I have overwhelmed myself. Well, the next few posts will be an attempt to catch everyone up on my life from the past few months.

Here is some pics from my AGD (Alpha Gamma Delta) Formal. My mom came up for the weekend and took pictures, she and I had so much fun.

This is my pledge class, they are so amazing. There is also some of me and John, we started officially dating a few weeks later. It has been 5 months and we are still together, he is an amazing guy! More to come on him later...

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Pretty much, I could look at this website all day long. It is one of my favorite stops. Plus, I deactivated facebook so it is my main web surfing/wasting time tool. I just think this kitty (or kitteh) is adorable. Anyway, that is all for now!

Humorous Pictures
moar humorous pics

Thursday, January 3, 2008

First Quilt Ever

One of my life goals has been to create a quilt, and I am almost there!! I made the entire quilt top (minus one unfinished border) over break. My mom is going to machine quilt it since I don't have room for my sewing machine at school. I used a log cabin pattern from the Quilt in a Day series. It was a lot of fun, I def. will be a life long quilter. I did accidentally stab myself (like all the way through my finger) with the needle... but I remain convinced this is just a sacrifice for a beautiful quilt. Anyway, I hope you enjoy! I am going to use this as a bedspread in my dorm when it is done :)

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