Monday, March 28, 2011

Works for me Wednesday: Bedside Buddy

Lately we have been doing a major overhaul at the McElderry House. We would like to be more intentional about having a "house of order" and for us to be able to enjoy more of the simple things in life and not get so caught up in the mess. In this pursit, we have been trying to establish a place for everying, and processes to help us keep things in their place.

Household organiztion does not come very easily for us, but we are slowly making progress in removing some of the stress and anxiety associated with cleaning, dishes, laundry and storage.

One fun solution I whipped together was a bed side buddy for our scriptures, journals etc. We always want these things by our bed so we use them often, but we don't have a very big bedside table to keep all of these things for both of us.

I used a long piece of fabric from an old bed sheet, and stitched up the side edges so that they were finished. I then folded one edge up a ways onto the fabric at a depth to make a good pocket. I stitched up the sides (be sure you not stitch at the top or you will close your pocket!). Finally I stiched up the middle of the pocket to be a divider, and voila! A very quick, simple solution.

To keep the bedside buddy in place, I put the length of the fabric between the mattress and the boxspring, just having the pocket peeking out so I can use.

Hoorah for quick sanity savers, and spring cleaning!

Finished Project: T-Shirt Quilt

I love doing finished project posts (as you can imagine). Feels so good to start a project and then finish it! I for one am very guilty of:

1) Buying the materials/supplies for a project
2) Starting the project and making a little headway
3) Putting it on the shelf and never finishing it.

But! In an effort to save money and reduce my craft stash before John graduates and we make a big move, I am trying to focus more on COMPLETING those tucked away projects.

Here is one you have seen me blog about before: My College T-Shirt Quilt.

I quilted and bound it with my Mother in Law over Christmas Break. It was a blast and it came out so great. This is a REALLY warm quilt that now is one of my favorites to snuggle with.

I also learned how to do all the steps in a quilt so I have no excuse to not finish that first quilt top I did and posted about so long ago...

Hoorah for finished projects!

** Apologize for bad photos as of late. Only functioning camera is IPhone.

Finished Project: Window Mosaic

Just finished a project and had to share. It is a window mosaic that was inspired by a few friends at church. Normally with mosaics the cracks are grouted so that all you see shining through is the colored glass, but I think it is really pretty as is (and doesn't need to be any heavier).

Here are the few steps I took to make the mosaic:

1. Find an old window, usually from a reuse center. My favorite in Ann Arbor is the Re-use Recycle Center.
2. Pick out different colored glass at thrift stores, garage sales etc. (vases, bowls, you name it!) I recommend using real colored glass and not the kind that has been painted in color-- just looks nicer.

3.Break the glass pieces into smaller pieces using a hammer, some gloves and tough container. Thank heavens for my friend Beth-- she actually did this step mostly herself which made my mosiac creation so much easier.

4. Decide on a design (or just let it come as you do it)

5. Glue the individual mosiac pieces on using a tough glue. Grab this at a hardware store -- make sure it has glass listed as one of the things it will adhere. Also make sure it is clear.

6. Let them dry and voila! Beautiful Mosaic. Grout if desired.


Friday, March 25, 2011

Oh! So Cute Easter Crafts

Hi Friends,
As I have been catching up on my google reader and searching the blog-o-sphere I have stumbled on a these two Easter projects that I can't help but share. I am scheming to try one or two of these these soon. Any partners in crime out there?

So Cute Easter Wreath & Matching Topiary

Simple & Fun Pillows

Hoorah for spring!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Accenture Ball 2011

Here are a few photos of John and I from the recent 2011 Accenture Ball. The Accenture Ball is the Detroit Office's annual gala to celebrate the accomplishments from the previous year.

It was held at the Westin in downtown Detroit. We ended up staying there overnight to avoid a late and wintry drive home (and to have a romantic evening away from the apartment). It was a great evening and escape from reality, we danced the night away and enjoyed some much needed us time.

I am so grateful for my husband John. Besides being extremely dashing and handsome (look at him in that new blazer!) he is also thoughtful, caring and kind. And as if he wasn't prince charming enough, he is also a stellar dancer sweeping me clear off my feet.

Sisters are the best.....

This is from a few summers ago when my sister Heather and I were at a wedding expo.

I am so grateful for my sister Heather and the way our relationship has grown. Heather and I are 18 mos apart, and having a a sister so close has really made a big difference in my life. I have always had a partner in crime, someone going through the same things in all the same places. She has also been my toughest competition, one of my biggest cheerleaders, and someone who pushes me to be the person I want to be. I am grateful for her love and friendship.

Airports and Fitness Goals

I have a brilliant business idea friends-- and I need one of you to run with this!AIRPORT FITNESS LOUNGES!!
As someone who wastes enjoys excessive time in airports, and struggles to make fitness work in her busy schedule... this would be INVALUABLE!

For example, let's take our average American who commutes by Airplane, let's call her Kristin M (you know, just an example)

Kristin M. travels weekly to Peoria, IL on Monday mornings. She takes the 6:00 EST flight to O'Hare, and lands at 6:15 CST. Upon arrival Kristin M. has a 2.5 HOUR LAYOVER in O'Hare before her 25 minute flight to Peoria. During this Layover Kristin M.:

  • Tries desperately to find an airport seat

  • If she is VERY LUCKY she finds a coveted seat with no arm rests (the kind you could POSSIBLY sleep on)

  • Desperately Looks for Power Outlets.

  • Goes for a three mile walk between gates in her stylish Shape Ups

  • Curses her job for requiring her to spend 2.5 hours in the busiest airport in the world at an UNGODLY Hour

  • Tries to think of anyway/anywhere/anyhow to fall asleep. 3 hours just didnt do it the night before.

With Airport Fitness Lounges -- Kristin's life will transform into a symphony of happiness and joy. She will use her now frustrating layover time to self-actualize, to meditate, do a few yoga poses and to work her way to become a more fit and more productive human being.

Any takers? Let's get going on this sooner that later please. I am feeling like self-actualization would be great right now. Oh Yeah, and a nap.

**I also could consider getting one of these nifty sleep tents. Thoughts anyone?
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