Monday, March 28, 2011

Works for me Wednesday: Bedside Buddy

Lately we have been doing a major overhaul at the McElderry House. We would like to be more intentional about having a "house of order" and for us to be able to enjoy more of the simple things in life and not get so caught up in the mess. In this pursit, we have been trying to establish a place for everying, and processes to help us keep things in their place.

Household organiztion does not come very easily for us, but we are slowly making progress in removing some of the stress and anxiety associated with cleaning, dishes, laundry and storage.

One fun solution I whipped together was a bed side buddy for our scriptures, journals etc. We always want these things by our bed so we use them often, but we don't have a very big bedside table to keep all of these things for both of us.

I used a long piece of fabric from an old bed sheet, and stitched up the side edges so that they were finished. I then folded one edge up a ways onto the fabric at a depth to make a good pocket. I stitched up the sides (be sure you not stitch at the top or you will close your pocket!). Finally I stiched up the middle of the pocket to be a divider, and voila! A very quick, simple solution.

To keep the bedside buddy in place, I put the length of the fabric between the mattress and the boxspring, just having the pocket peeking out so I can use.

Hoorah for quick sanity savers, and spring cleaning!

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