Wednesday, April 20, 2011

An Exciting Chicago Weekend

1. Thursday - Drive from Peoria to Chicago. Grab dinner with a friend, have your car broken into and everything inside stolen. Make it to hotel with only your wallet. Thank heaven you changed into jeans and gym shoes and out of ballet flats and a pencil skirt.

2. Friday - Run a few errands to replace some of the items stolen. Shop on Michigan ave, primarily because what else is there to do with just a wallet in downtown Chicago?

3. Friday - Meet hubby downtown, and take a subway to share delicious deep dish with some good friends.

4. Saturday - Visit the Shedd Aquarium on a beautiful day.

5. Saturday - Eat a Chicago Style hot dog. Or Two.

6. Grab dessert at the Top of the John Hancock building. Take a photo with your iphone -- from the women's bathroom!

7. Spend a beautiful Sunday driving up the cost of Lake Michigan. Listen to General Conference on aforementioned Iphone. The marvels of modern technology!

8. Visit where you were born and where you grew up.

9. Remember the important things in life aren't things. They aren't stolen luggage, ipods, clothing or laptops. They aren't damaged rental cars. They are sweet and simple memories, laughter with friends, listening to true teachings, and spending a wonderful weekend with the one you love. I am so blessed.

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  1. This is a wonderful post. Thanks for sharing :)


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