Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Joy, Patience and Blessings

I definitely should be in bed by now. But, I am feeling really grateful (joyful) and content, despite a really hectic day. So, I want to count some blessings.

1. Things are on the upswing. I have been really stressed lately with some personal stuff, and my emotional state has just been really pathetic. BUT!!! ALAS! Joy! Things are figuring themselves out just as God's perfect plan for me unfolds :)

2. Two Job offers in one day, within 10 minutes of another. WOOooH! Plans for the summer and living arrangements for next year are getting figured out. I feel so blessed to be given such great opportunities, and these offers really have solidified in my mind that I am making the right choices. (Because after hard but right decisions, blessings come pouring in sometimes!)

3. My family is in Disney World, and though I am sad not to be with them, they are together, they are celebrating, they are happy, healthy and have enough to eat. I don't think anything could be better than having my family in my life and knowing they are happy.

4. I have become much more patient than I use to be- which I think is a great blessing. I just think with maturity and focus I have grown into a little more of what I want to be. This manifests itself in situations I handle well, in which in a previous life (or past few years) I might have handled differently.

5. My room is clean (or closer!) John is amazing and helped me to clear the mass chaos that never really cleared up from earlier in the semester. It is such a blessing to be able to live here, to be able to be healthy where I live and to have peace and clarity and the spirit in my home.

6. WARM WEATHER! I think often that the sun is the smile of God. He is giving us all just a glimpse of his radiance :) What an amazing blessing.

7. I am just happy. To be where I am and where I am going. I feel like I am in a pretty good place right now. Though this may seem fleeting sometimes, no matter what the situation I get the help I need, I keep the people I care about in my life and I focus on things that matter to me. I don't think anything could really be better when this is how I focus my life :)So joyful!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My blog at a glimpse

This is a compilation of all the words on my blog, I thought it was pretty neat. Anyway, you should make your own and post it!

Come What May and Love It

Just something I found inspiring today.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Blessings :)

Hello! I want to start posting 10 blessings I have felt this week every Sunday, because I am so joyful for what the Lord has done for me- and I think it is important to share these things. So here we go, enjoy!

1. I went bowling with my family this week- this was one of the first family outings I have been on in who knows how long, and it was really fun and refreshing. Having the opportunity to be home was such a privilege and a blessing.

2. I saw the sun EVERY single day last week. Not just regular sun, but warm sun. The sun constantly reminds me of God's love for me :)

3. Today was Fast Sunday, and I gave my testimony and felt the spirit really strongly. I love being at Church and feeling a genuine nearness to my Heavenly Father. What a wonderful blessing to have the freedom to worship my Lord as I chose.

4. John helped me clean my dorm today- he is the most wonderful man in the world. And, probably one of my greatest blessings. Ay the things he puts up with for me!

5. One of my best friends got engaged last night! I am grateful for her friendship, and super excited we get to plan our weddings together :)

6. John and I are going to pick a date sometime soon (as in this week I think!) We have been feeling really stuck in molasses and devoid of progress waiting to move forward with wedding plans, so it is a great blessing to be able to move forward.

7. I spent a ton of time with both my Mom and my Dad this week. I love being with them, and I feel closer to them every time we get to talk for a long time or do something fun together. I also got to learn a lot about their courtship- which was really incredible. I am so blessed to have parents who love each other so deeply, and who love me more than I can ever understand.

8. I met up with one of my best scrapbook friends this week! She is like another mother to me, and it was so great hearing talking with her and reminiscing on all that has changed since we last saw each other. Friends are best, and some of the sweetest blessings.

9. I read 5 books this week (one a day Monday-Friday), almost completely catching me up for my English Class. And the great part- I was able to focus on them all! Yay. I read the Host (okay this was for fun), Persepolis, House on Mango St., Baltimore Blues, and Lucy. I am so blessed to have had a clear mind, and an opportunity to catch up on much needed school work.

10. I did some visiting teaching today. I just love meeting with other sisters and sharing my love for them and the gospel. It is such a great blessing to be able to serve others- and let them serve you!
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