Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Baby and Apple Picking Squirrels

This is Angela Lee, she is my sis-daughter in Alpha Gamma Delta, my sorority. She is a wonderful girl, and this picture just makes me smile because it embodies our relationship. She lived with me this summer in Ann Arbor in a little one bedroom apartment. We had soo much fun though. I love spending time with her, especially when John and I get together with her and Andrew her boyfriend. We pretty much spent all summer learning to play (and finally beating them at) Euchre. But back to Angela. She is just this fiesty little italian cutie who has a ton of energy and a ton of love for her sisters and for me. I remember really clearly at one of the first ceremonies we had, she said that she was in our house because she had the best relationship with her sis-mom (me). I have always felt lucky to be close to her, and gosh she is just such a cutie!

On a fun note, here are a bunch of my sorority sisters (and me) at an Apple Orchard last Sunday. We were being squirrels, because oddly enough that is our mascot. But, I strangely have an odd love for squirrels now...

Well, hasta luego for now. I just bought the most recent twilight book and it's time to get cracking (so much for finance hw).

Love you all,


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mom, Dad and Me in the Mountains

Hello Blog world! See, I might be getting better at this posting thing!!

So my momma just sent me some pics from our trip two weekends ago to Colorado. I flew to Denver on Friday morning and was in the Rocky Mountain National Park by noon. It was so beautiful, and it was really great getting to spend that much time with my parents. We hiked, chased elk and spent numerous hours in the car trying to hunt down a big ram.

But more than that we spent time together, laughed at my dad's elk antics and really enjoyed one another's company. I had a lot of stuff going on that weekend at school, but I just had to tell people, I HAVEN'T SEEN MY PARENTS IN FOREVER! I really don't think I have gotten to be an only child like than since who knows when. No matter what, it was just amazing, and I am so grateful and blessed to have had the opportunity to see them. I love my family, and I love the rockies!

Enjoy the pictures (and the majesty of the mountains)!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Alpha Gamma Delta= LOVE

I am so proud to be an Alpha Gam. Here are my beautiful Junior Sisters just being wild and crazy.

Kristin Turns 21

So I just thought I should stick these up here. I turned 21 on September 12, 2008.
WOOO HOO!! That night there was a ward activity, where me and my co-chair (I am the activities co-chair) made homemade jambala and gumbo. I also made homemade cornbread.... yum!!Then I skee-dattled over to my sorority where they were having RUSH Practice, where my family (we have sis-moms and sis-daughters) got me a birthday cake and sang to me! They are so wonderful. Later that night, me and John along with some friends from ResStaff went out to a club... where I was old enough NOT to have an X on my hand. We had a good time, no alcohol consumed though (bleck!). We left the club feeling a little wraunchy (clubs are kind of like that...), but all and all it was an AMAZING Birthday! I got cards from my mom, dad, grandma and elder mackintosh. John bought me a dvd player, and a good book and a john bytheway cd. We hung out the next night for my birthday, which was also really awesome. OH! It is so fun being celebrated sometimes (even if it does mean I am getting older each year).
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