Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Baby and Apple Picking Squirrels

This is Angela Lee, she is my sis-daughter in Alpha Gamma Delta, my sorority. She is a wonderful girl, and this picture just makes me smile because it embodies our relationship. She lived with me this summer in Ann Arbor in a little one bedroom apartment. We had soo much fun though. I love spending time with her, especially when John and I get together with her and Andrew her boyfriend. We pretty much spent all summer learning to play (and finally beating them at) Euchre. But back to Angela. She is just this fiesty little italian cutie who has a ton of energy and a ton of love for her sisters and for me. I remember really clearly at one of the first ceremonies we had, she said that she was in our house because she had the best relationship with her sis-mom (me). I have always felt lucky to be close to her, and gosh she is just such a cutie!

On a fun note, here are a bunch of my sorority sisters (and me) at an Apple Orchard last Sunday. We were being squirrels, because oddly enough that is our mascot. But, I strangely have an odd love for squirrels now...

Well, hasta luego for now. I just bought the most recent twilight book and it's time to get cracking (so much for finance hw).

Love you all,



  1. OK so I finally am checking out your blog, I love it!! i wonder where you get your creativity from!!

  2. Hey! I just found out you have a blog! So fun! I'm going to have to start checking it out more often :)


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