Thursday, November 6, 2008

In Love

John is such a wonderful and selfless man. When I am so down, he lifts me up. I know that he truly believes I can do anything, and that unending faith in me is SO empowering. I am so grateful for his presence in my life, for his love and ultimately for the relationship we cherish.

Today was a rough day. I was tearing myself down because again I felt incredibly overwhelmed and not up to any of the tasks ahead of me. John also didn't feel well, and his work wasn't going well in the lab. I also have had work and group projects every night, so tonight, as most days we won't get to see each other.

But lo and behold, upon arriving at work there was a letter in my inbox. A love letter. I instantly forgot my uncertainties as my heart swelled at the incredible support John gives me each day, especially when I am in need.

It is my only hope that I can love him, and support him in a way that I can always be his and just be deserving of such goodness.

So today, in perhaps a slightly intimate, slightly mushy blog post, I express my love for him.

Off to take on the world, for he loves me!

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