Monday, December 31, 2007


So, I am doing some excessive posting right now. My family and I are in Colorado and I am gearing up for the New Year (since it is new year's eve). There is a lot to post, and once I am caught up on news now, I wont post nearly as frequently. So, Heather's boyfriend David' family has a condo at Beaver Creek, and they let us use it for the week. It has been so wonderful. We have been skiing, today we went snow-shoeing, and I have definitely had some much needed R&R. Oh! I also made an entire quilt top, which I thought was pretty exciting. I will post pics of it soon. Anyway, here is a cute picture of my sisters and I when we were playing out in the snow.

Lots of love,

Kristin <3

My Dorm Room

This is my desk, I think it has a real sense of my personality. Hopeful, crafty and not exactly organized!

I crochet'd a shrug!

So... I definitely found a pattern online (kinda) and made this shrug. I was going to a dance for church, and I didn't want to be too "floozy" in my red diva dress. Here is a picture of me dancing with my shrug on! Basically, I made a big rectangle and then folded the edges to make arm holes. My roommate and I weren't so sure how it would turn out. I usually just crochet scarfs, which are pretty basic. Here is my roomate and I that night (pre-shurg) Lauren is wonderful, I love her dearly. She lives with me, so she deals with the worst of me (I am not nearly as organized as I need to be! Anyway! Hasta LuegO!

Prom Flip-Book

Hello! I am going to be doing some updates on recent craft projects. Here is a prom-book that I taught at The Scrapbook Pad this summer. I actually made it for my sister for her prom. It came out nicely, and people could use whatever colors they wanted to. Anyway, this was something I thought was pretty neat!


Re-Vamping the Blog


I have decided for the New Year to re-vamp my blog a little. I am still going to post craft projects that I am working on, but I am going to do general updates as well so that friends and family can keep up with me! Anyway, keep watching! More updates to come...

<3 Kristin

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Senior Album layouts

Sadly, this album is in Michigan without me. Sorry about the alignment on some of them... I took pictures of these almost a year ago. Senior year was phenomenal!

favorite layout

this is probably one of the favorite layouts of any I have done... i love that red dress!!!!

band banquet 2005

Costa Rica Layouts

This is from my costa rica album, my first "real" scrapbook.

I did all of the journaling in english and spanish!! Sorry the alignment is bad... These were taken from pictures... not scanned.

Digital DID IT again

hey! I am slowly getting myself accustomed to doing digital layouts. I had a ton of pictures printed today... and even though I know these are coming in print... I had to try my luck with them digitally. Once again, I am using hellogoodbye lyrics. I have listened to them so much lately, but they really capture a lot of aspects of my relationship with David.

Oh, and yeah... i do a lot of layouts abut us. He is pretty much my favorite subject. I will be doing some ones of my sisters graduation soon. My mom rented a really cool fish lens and they came out really cool. Anyway, here's to a little more digital!
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