Sunday, February 22, 2009

Heart Attacked!!

John is pretty much the most amazing man you will ever meet- and he loves me!! He "heart attacked" my room for vday, and left some chocolate saying that if I took them and called him in the morning I would be fine. so clever! And then he led me on a scavenger hunt of notes to find my present, a hymns made easy piano book! SO perfect. So wonderful! And that is my John-David :)

Angel Quilt

This is one of my great accomplishments. I made this quilt for my mom for Christmas. I created the pattern and the angels, picked out the fabric and went to work! John's sweet mom helped me out a ton too- she had it machine quilted at a friends and bound it for me :) This was a great project, and made with love for one of the most important people in my life- my mom!

Birdies :)

Just a few shots of a bird house I made for my dad for Christmas. It is decopauged, and yes- those are pictures on the inside :) Despite mass quantities of modge-podge I highly doubt he will let any birds on it any time soon. Just thought this would be fun to share :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kristin Bates: The ESFP

I recently have been studying personality types for my Behavioral Theory in Management class (which I love).

I tested as an ESFP (Extrovert, Sensing, Feeling, Perceiving). Since then, I have been having some fun learning about me (lol or my personality type). Anyway, I could have taken from a ton of sources, but let's face it Wikipedia is not too shabby...

"ESFPs love being around people and having new experiences. Living in the here-and-now, they often do not think about long term effects or the consequences of their actions. While very practical, they generally despise routines, instead desiring to 'go with the flow.' They are, in fact, very play minded. Because ESFPs learn better through hands-on experience, classroom learning may be troublesome for many of them, especially those with a very underdeveloped intuitive side.

Others usually see ESFPs as resourceful and supportive, as well as gregarious, playful, and spontaneous. ESFPs get a lot of satisfaction out of life and are fun to be around. Their exuberance and enthusiasm draw others to them. They are flexible, adaptable, congenial, and easygoing. They seldom plan ahead, trusting their ability to respond in the moment and deal effectively with whatever presents itself. They dislike structure and routine and will generally find ways to bend the rules."

So do you think this is accurate? I thought it was! And it scared me. Something else I read even identified that I hate being alone. Which is true!! I live by myself right now and I avoid going home like the plague so I don't have to be by myself. ah!
But- I read something else about ESFP's that said we were the least likely to rely on spirituality in times of need- which is way off! Ha Ha! My personality is not constrained to a box...

What is your personality type? Does it fit you?

Blog Abandonment & Mass Chaos

Hello Blog World!
I have missed you- have you missed me?

I just finished my last midterm before break and it feels great. Well, kind of great. Maybe I am a freak, but when I get really busy certain things in my life kind of collapse. Collapse, get scrambled and out of control, and when I finally get to the end, (say my last midterm) it is time to pick up the mess! I feel like this happens as a cycle throughout the semester. I start out in normalcy, on a set schedule and by the end of the semester--> MASS CHAOS.

Examples of mass chaos may include:
-floor of my bedroom= my new not so organized shelf. That you can't see.
-emails- unresponded but "starred" so that one day they get a response. eeks.
-Laundry was done, but somehow (even being clean) has coated the not so organized shelf of my floor...
-appointments- missed, skipped, intentionally slept through (who wants allergy shots anyway??)
-occasionally skipping class- because sleep schedule is OUT OF CONTROL
-The omelette guy at the cafeteria has been asking... "where have you been?" due to excessive sleeping in.

Okay- So I am a drama queen, and a stress freak. But I am kind of dreading getting off work tonight because I have to clean up my mess. I am excited to go to Texas (and to take that much needed shower- I promise it hasn't been that long!), but I really have a lot of organizing and list making to do to be ready to start all over again in a week.

Maybe one day I will learn from my mass chaos experiences, but until next time--> it's off to clean up my mess.

p.s. Coming soon: I have some pictures of me during my freshman year under "mass chaos". Maybe all the brilliant friends I have will help me discover coping mechanisms...
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