Thursday, February 19, 2009

Blog Abandonment & Mass Chaos

Hello Blog World!
I have missed you- have you missed me?

I just finished my last midterm before break and it feels great. Well, kind of great. Maybe I am a freak, but when I get really busy certain things in my life kind of collapse. Collapse, get scrambled and out of control, and when I finally get to the end, (say my last midterm) it is time to pick up the mess! I feel like this happens as a cycle throughout the semester. I start out in normalcy, on a set schedule and by the end of the semester--> MASS CHAOS.

Examples of mass chaos may include:
-floor of my bedroom= my new not so organized shelf. That you can't see.
-emails- unresponded but "starred" so that one day they get a response. eeks.
-Laundry was done, but somehow (even being clean) has coated the not so organized shelf of my floor...
-appointments- missed, skipped, intentionally slept through (who wants allergy shots anyway??)
-occasionally skipping class- because sleep schedule is OUT OF CONTROL
-The omelette guy at the cafeteria has been asking... "where have you been?" due to excessive sleeping in.

Okay- So I am a drama queen, and a stress freak. But I am kind of dreading getting off work tonight because I have to clean up my mess. I am excited to go to Texas (and to take that much needed shower- I promise it hasn't been that long!), but I really have a lot of organizing and list making to do to be ready to start all over again in a week.

Maybe one day I will learn from my mass chaos experiences, but until next time--> it's off to clean up my mess.

p.s. Coming soon: I have some pictures of me during my freshman year under "mass chaos". Maybe all the brilliant friends I have will help me discover coping mechanisms...

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