Sunday, July 26, 2009

Carpal-- what? and Mary Kay

Hello friends!

Apparently I have been blogging WAY too much, because it seems I have developed Carpal Tunnel syndrome. YUCK! How did this happen? I AM TOO young! Okay, not a confirmed case but my wrist hurts in all the right places and my super smart nurse practitioner mommy thinks this is what it is. I am pretty sure logging all those library books at the AFB this summer must have done me in, since I am not a frequent blogger, and I have cut way back on my email and internet use this summer. Has anyone else had this problem? What do you do to fix it? I am having trouble sleeping because I can't find a pain-free position for my hand, so I am considering a brace.

In other exciting/non-painful news, I just started my own Mary Kay Business! Yep! Kristin Bates, small business owner, future pink cadillac driver, goddess divine of liptstick. Okay, kidding. But I am really excited about Mary Kay, it is a great opportunity, a great excuse for girl time, and I really love the products (how soft do my hands/lips/face feel right now!!!!) Plus, I am hoping to save some of my earnings to pay off some wedding stuff :) Check me out on the web or let me know if you have any questions about my exciting new adventure!

Heading back to Ann Arbor in two weeks, so excited for it. Really, really excited. WOO! Hope everyone is well, give me a buzz sometime if we haven't talked in a while :)

<3 Kristin

Saturday, July 11, 2009

and by the way... a principal, really?

okay people, that is boring! I WANTED YOU TO VOTE PASTRY CHEF and thereby rationalize my dreaming. Thanks to those who participated:)

P.S. My dress came in--- YAY!

Couldn't I just have PRUNE cravings?

So I am not a fast food burger person. I usually eat burgers from fast food restaurants like...twice a year max, primarily because I don't usually want them. But this summer, as I attempt to drop a few pounds before the wedding, all I want is to pull over and get a burger and some fries, and a chocolate shake. Seriously? WHY ME?!

I drive by a burger king on my way to and from work, and I always have to play a mental game with myself not to go in and abandon my uber-healthy breakfast or dinner plans. Heck, I consider abandoning my lunch pretty much every day to run to this stupid Burger King (and some days I drive our blind volunteers there just to go. And get a diet coke.)

Couldn't we all just crave prunes? Or celery?! The food that burns more calories than than it is worth to digest! I would even settle for just craving the veggies I like a lot. What is making the greasy, gonna hurt my tummy after burger seem so appealing to me? Is it the marketing associated with it, the mass quantity of calories from fat-- or is just because I can't have it right now?

Boo hiss. Angry at food. And the fact that I can't wait to taste wedding cake tomorrow at the bridal show. Probably should work on that...
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