Thursday, November 13, 2008

Accomplishment: What I did today

So, maybe I am just slightly pathetic and feel overwhelmed by all my tasks. But, realistically I always feel like there is so much more ahead of me than what I have accomplished, and lately this has just made me want to curl up in a ball and quit. Yes, quit. EVERYTHING. So as illogical as this may be, it is my mind and it is my mind's prerogative (I have little control over the downward spiral of these worries). So in attempt to combat the mind, I am just going to briefly cover ALL that I accomplished today, because it was a good day.
7:15 shower, makeup and hair (woah, a lot more than usual)
8:00 Bus to central campus
8:30-10 Marketing Class. I presented a project I have logged over 45 hours on in group meetings, which is worth 30% of my grade. Yep, big deal. And, I ROCKED IT!
10:00-11 Meeting with LHC group to review upcoming presentation
11:00 Lunch at East Quad
11:30-1 LHC (class)- Presented the group project (probably had about 8 meetings to prepare up to this date)
1:15-2Marketing Research Experiment, basically I have to do this to pass my mkt class
2-2:30 Visited American Express Office Hours, I would really like to work for them.
2:30-5 Napped at the Institute. 4 hours of sleep didn't do it the night before
5-6:30 Attended American Express Corporate Presentation
6:30-7:45 Met with Phil to discuss Activities Committee
8:00 Went to the Chamber Orchestra Show with John
10:00 Went to Kroger, then watched Over the Hedge with John and roomates
12:15Arrived back at dorm for the first time since the morning
12:15-Current: Surfed, sent ward emails and wrote in my blog.

I think it is time for bed. Thanks for reading, not every day is like this. I had to write though, because I spent the entire orchestra show plaguing my mind with all I had to do and wouldn't be able to do. BUT LOOK! I have already done so much!

Kristin "working on my mental health issues" Bates

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  1. Sorry you're so stresed! Sometimes it's good to celebrate your accomplishments :)


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