Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Kristin Turns 21

So I just thought I should stick these up here. I turned 21 on September 12, 2008.
WOOO HOO!! That night there was a ward activity, where me and my co-chair (I am the activities co-chair) made homemade jambala and gumbo. I also made homemade cornbread.... yum!!Then I skee-dattled over to my sorority where they were having RUSH Practice, where my family (we have sis-moms and sis-daughters) got me a birthday cake and sang to me! They are so wonderful. Later that night, me and John along with some friends from ResStaff went out to a club... where I was old enough NOT to have an X on my hand. We had a good time, no alcohol consumed though (bleck!). We left the club feeling a little wraunchy (clubs are kind of like that...), but all and all it was an AMAZING Birthday! I got cards from my mom, dad, grandma and elder mackintosh. John bought me a dvd player, and a good book and a john bytheway cd. We hung out the next night for my birthday, which was also really awesome. OH! It is so fun being celebrated sometimes (even if it does mean I am getting older each year).

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