Thursday, September 4, 2008

Resident Advisor 101

Hello Blog World!
SO I promise I am going to try and be better about this. I really love blogging. I am not really sure that anyone reads this, but I just like the idea of being able to share stuff via the internet. Also, I really love writing. I wish I practiced it more and had taken more classes at the University. I always wanted to be a writer when I was younger... but I never really developed the talents to do that. So anyway, here is my shot at e-publishing.

SO! I am a Resident Advisor at Bursley Hall at the University of Michigan, which is actually a huge accomplishment. They interview from over 500 or so candidates, and roughly 120 students get the job. That means this is an accomplishment... but it also means it is a lot of work. I took a Residence Education class last semester for 2 credits, and I came to school 3 weeks early for some really intense training to get ready for my residents. The training was amazing, and I know I have learned as much from this experience (if not more) than from many classes I have taken.

My residents moved in August 26, 2008, so soon we will have been living with eachother for two weeks! They are some really awesome girls, I am excited to be with them. I really have tried to focus on building strong relationships with them from the beginning, so that throughout the year they will be a lot more successful and my job will be a lot less stressful.

It is so interesting seeing them adjust to this new environment, it makes me reflect on how I felt when I first came to school. Even though I am a very strong, outgoing and optimistic person... it was a really difficult time in my life. Most students are leaving their families for the first time, adjusting to harder classes, missing friends (maybe boyfriends) from home, and being exposed to whole lot of things they had never seen before. AH! SO many things at once!

I feel really privileged, and very prepared at the same time to be working with them. I know that I am supposed to be doing this job, because I have been blessed with gifts that will really help them. I already see them becoming close with one another, trying to take leadership within the hall, trying to solve problems on their own and acclimate themselves to college life. Not to say that this job is without struggles, but it is really a great experience. I love working with people, helping them, empowering them and ultimately making them feel comfortable in their own shoes. I hope that I can have this kind of impact in people's lives long term... I just have to find what I should do to get there.

Well, that is all for now. I love life right now. I am taking some CRAZY classes, but I really feel like I am giving myself ample time to conquer all that is on my plate. This year is about shaping my future baby! And oh how bright it looks :)!!

Lots of love,


p.s. This is my super cool dorm!

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