Monday, March 21, 2011

Airports and Fitness Goals

I have a brilliant business idea friends-- and I need one of you to run with this!AIRPORT FITNESS LOUNGES!!
As someone who wastes enjoys excessive time in airports, and struggles to make fitness work in her busy schedule... this would be INVALUABLE!

For example, let's take our average American who commutes by Airplane, let's call her Kristin M (you know, just an example)

Kristin M. travels weekly to Peoria, IL on Monday mornings. She takes the 6:00 EST flight to O'Hare, and lands at 6:15 CST. Upon arrival Kristin M. has a 2.5 HOUR LAYOVER in O'Hare before her 25 minute flight to Peoria. During this Layover Kristin M.:

  • Tries desperately to find an airport seat

  • If she is VERY LUCKY she finds a coveted seat with no arm rests (the kind you could POSSIBLY sleep on)

  • Desperately Looks for Power Outlets.

  • Goes for a three mile walk between gates in her stylish Shape Ups

  • Curses her job for requiring her to spend 2.5 hours in the busiest airport in the world at an UNGODLY Hour

  • Tries to think of anyway/anywhere/anyhow to fall asleep. 3 hours just didnt do it the night before.

With Airport Fitness Lounges -- Kristin's life will transform into a symphony of happiness and joy. She will use her now frustrating layover time to self-actualize, to meditate, do a few yoga poses and to work her way to become a more fit and more productive human being.

Any takers? Let's get going on this sooner that later please. I am feeling like self-actualization would be great right now. Oh Yeah, and a nap.

**I also could consider getting one of these nifty sleep tents. Thoughts anyone?

1 comment:

  1. That tent is hilarious! And I TOTALLY think someone should take on this fitness idea!


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