Monday, March 28, 2011

Finished Project: Window Mosaic

Just finished a project and had to share. It is a window mosaic that was inspired by a few friends at church. Normally with mosaics the cracks are grouted so that all you see shining through is the colored glass, but I think it is really pretty as is (and doesn't need to be any heavier).

Here are the few steps I took to make the mosaic:

1. Find an old window, usually from a reuse center. My favorite in Ann Arbor is the Re-use Recycle Center.
2. Pick out different colored glass at thrift stores, garage sales etc. (vases, bowls, you name it!) I recommend using real colored glass and not the kind that has been painted in color-- just looks nicer.

3.Break the glass pieces into smaller pieces using a hammer, some gloves and tough container. Thank heavens for my friend Beth-- she actually did this step mostly herself which made my mosiac creation so much easier.

4. Decide on a design (or just let it come as you do it)

5. Glue the individual mosiac pieces on using a tough glue. Grab this at a hardware store -- make sure it has glass listed as one of the things it will adhere. Also make sure it is clear.

6. Let them dry and voila! Beautiful Mosaic. Grout if desired.



  1. This is so beautiful! It looks intimidating though - but may not be able to resist trying.

    Thanks for posting this

  2. Very pretty so if you didn't grout is that paint that made it white

  3. Do you think this can be done on a vertical surface? Like a window in place? I was wanting to do this to the window in my studio.


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