Thursday, March 11, 2010


Recently I had a friend post a few (innocent) confessions. Thought I might have a go...


Definitely checked my luggage this week while I am travelling for I could bring my sewing machine. Did I mention I was making sock monkeys?

I have yet to print a SINGLE wedding picture. Shameful.

Just became addicted to The Secret Life of the American Teenager. And I watch the Office. And Grey's. And Private Practice.

I play Settlers of Catan online. 'Nuff said.

I facebook stalk all my friends who get married for like a month after their wedding, because I LOVE looking at wedding pictures. (does anyone else do this?)

I used to "fake bake" in late winter during school. Just needed a dose of sunshine and to feel warm for once to survive finals.

I brush my teeth while I go to the bathroom to maximize time in the morning. (sorry, tmi)

I trip/stumble/fall on my face about once a day.

BIGGEST pet peeve is bad/inconsistent customer service. ESPECIALLY when you are promised one thing and delivered another (and they deny promising it!!).

Hosted HUGE Harry Potter parties in High School for the premiers. Did I mention we dressed up and there was butter beer and pumpkin pasties?

I have still not finished (or made much progress) on my 40 things I learned in college posts. I will finish these, it might just take me a little bit.

I worked at Sonic (Drive In) for 2 weeks this past summer. Worst Decision Ever.

What are you confessions?


  1. I always multi-task while brushing my teeth. Otherwise it feels like I'm missing an opportunity.

  2. I also multitask while brushing my teeth. (In addition to brushing while going to the bathroom, brushing in the shower is a seriously underutilized time-saver.)

    I wish I could have come to one of your Harry Potter parties. They sound awesome. Also--how did you make butter beer and pumpkin pasties??


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