Friday, February 24, 2012

Snowy, Wintery Friday

Inspired by one of my good friends, I thought it would be fun to do a more detailed memoir for the next week of my day to day activities. If anything it will be a good writing exercise. Enjoy...

Friday --Today is a Work from Home day- mostly because i have no meetings, it's snowy, and I did too many hours over the rest of the week so I needed a shorter day.

- Wake up around 8 - chat with John before he goes to work for a bit and then put some warm clothes on (we keep our house around 61-- you need socks and sweats to stay home all day.)

Log on my computer around 8:45. How did I get so many emails overnight? Phew-- only a few of them require immediate attention.

9:15 - ish. Begin work on a weekly status report for our team. Phew! All of my colleagues updated their stuff so I don't have to spend any time being "Kristin the Status Report Nag" as is often the case Friday AMs. Also send an email to all of the Virtual Biggest Loser participants to remind them to log their weight tomorrow. This is the 8th week of the contest. Notice I am pretty far down on the ranking, but my Mom and John are in 1st and 2nd. Do I get to take credit for all the weight everyone else lost-- if I didn't lose much? LOL

My first bitty box. Lots of yummy loot under there.
9:20 ish - Door bell rings. Our first delivery of Door to Door Organics is here! I am beyond giddy and put away our  new stash of fruits and veggies that arrive. We are having the "bitty box" delivered every other week to hopefully decrease the amount of time we have to go to the grocery store (to every other week). Back to work now!

9:45- Stop for a bit and eat half a grapefruit and toast. Grapefruit is not usually my cup of tea -- so I add some sugar to make it extra delicious. Also pull some black beans out of the freezer to de-frost, planning to make black bean soup tonight for dinner.

10-11:45  Finish up and send off the status report. Spend some time researching Accenture Delivery Partnerships and updating my internal resume with updated skills (both in response to emails reminding me up do such). Also fill out  my client time report.

11:45-12:00 Hungry. Re-heat some of a rice-bake we had for dinner last night. Add some cheese (full disclosure, right?) to make it extra delish. Make a cup of hot chocolate afterwards because I am still kinda cold.

12:00- 2:30 - Put on a fave tv show glee to be in the background as I do a little bit of work. Oh I love working from home, it is a real treat as I rarely do it anymore.Work today is updating some templates and posting them on the web, updating a few write ups I did a while back with feedback I just received, and reviewing some  work/writing feedback on some requirements a team put together.  I stop for 20 min or so somewhere in there to take a shower (because I am cold lol, I took one last night but oh well!)

2:30 -3 . - Call for Work -- I am helping to Plan Accenture's International Women's Day in Detroit. I am the communication's lead, so fortunately the bulk of my work has already been done. This year's theme is "Working at the Speed of Life" and is about how we balance so many things as women and how to keep up with all of the demands thrown at us. I went last year and LOVED the program they did. Again, grateful to work for an awesome company.

3- 4:30 ish - Do more work.. Go through my "open item" list in my email and follow up with some emails, etc. I typically have worked 40-50 hours before Friday hits, so usually Fridays I try to be done at a decent hour.

4:30 - spend 30 min catching up on gmail and reading blogs. Probably some Facebook in there too. Read a cool article on zen habits and post about it here.

5:00- Time to start some dinner. John gets home and brings groceries (so much for not going as often! We were outta milk and tp) I start on the Black Bean Soup and John makes a Yummy Salad tonight. We listen to scriptures while the food is cooking via iPhone. We are in exodus right now and the Israelites just crossed the red sea (and are complaining about not having enough water). I am not a scriptorian by any means, but enjoying learning the scriptures with John.

6:15- soup is finally done. I didn't realize the beans weren't completely cooked when frozen so I had to bring out my trusty pressure cooker to speed things up. Soup was so so, not sure I will use that recipe again.

6:35-830: we rush out the door to head to a local homeless shelter where we are volunteering tonight through our church. Our task is to babysit the kids at the shelter. I make pals with a 4th grade girl, we play with Lincoln logs and then play two games of checkers. Is it bad that I won both? I did give her many opportunities to take my pieces and even pointed them out. But the game has to end eventually. Also, I think this was my first time playing with Lincoln logs. Pretty fun actually.

8:30- 12:25 Our friends who volunteered with us came over for games l. We enjoy some quick mini pizzas and some "low fat" root beer floats. We play a long but fun game, called power grid. It was super close at the end but I end up winning by a few dollars.

12:20 - ? Finish this post. Get ready for bed, and read a little before falling asleep. Weekend is here!

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  1. I love it! This is actually really fascinating to read about all the day-to-day details (makes me feel not so bad about putting others through it). Hope to read more through the week.


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