Saturday, February 25, 2012

Simple Saturday

7:30 John has a Bball game at 8 am so he leaves the house pretty early. I didn't notice him leaving as I was zonked out, but he called me on accident as he left which I picked up. I fell back asleep. I love sleeping in.
one of my favorite things about weekends is seeing myao myao
 in his natural habitat (and disturbing his sleep for a change!)

9:30 John comes back and I am still laying down. Lazy much? We chat a bit and he falls asleep. I read for a bit and probably catch a few more z's.

11 ish- Get dressed and eat a quick lunch- more leftover rice bake. I get ready to go play my weekly church Bball game.

12- 1:15 intense basketball game. Goes into overtime. I score 6 Pts, woo hoo!

1:30- Get home stretch for a bit. Chill at home, read a bit more, take a shower, chat with John for a while.

350ish- meet some friends for sledding. Go down a few runs and decide that hill is not much fun to climb up. And your tail bone hurts.

Head to friends house for hot chocolate- morphs into dinner and games. We enjoy yummy pizza and Agricola, one of my new favorite games (I still have not quite figured his one out yet.)

8:20- leave friends to head to library and drop some books off. Heading home.

quick i phone photo after sledding.
9-10 ish- do some housework. Do the dishes and then do 15 min each of our chore of the days. John tackles the bedrooms while I focus on dusting and de-cluttering our living room. The beauty of the 15 min chore schedule is we only ever have to do 15 min a day, but often we want to do more as we like seeing the house cleaned. I throw in a load of laundry.

10- 10:30 John dreams up his next leather project (he just made himself an awesome scripture case)! He is going to make me a laptop bag and shows me different ideas. I do some more reading.

10:30-11 We watch the most recent office episode. It makes fun of equating pets to kids. We laugh, not that we think they are at all the same, but that our Myao Myao sometimes has baby like qualities (frequently waking us up at night, general mis behaving...) Anyway, this was something we chatted with our friends with earlier so it is funny. Afterwards we head to bed. I tried to convince John to play Agricola with me to no avail. We are going to read Harry potter until we fall asleep, right after I finish this post.

Hope you all had a nice Saturday.

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  1. Love the irony of the office episode. So funny. Sorry you didn't get to do agricola again. I felt a little relieved not to have it as an option here tonight ... forcing me to do other things. Not necessarily more productive but at least different.


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