Wednesday, February 22, 2012

An Important life change

It has been a while since I posted... a little over a month. Do you know why it has been so long?

Because I have been putting off announcing a really important life change. There has only been one thing I have wanted to post about, and I couldn't bring myself to fess up to it until now.

I have officially become a Cat Lady.*

Proof of Cat Lady-ness
Everywhere I go I am covered in cat hair. I have majorly upped my daily consumption of LolCats. I pick up my Myao Ming every day after work, put him over my shoulders and nuzzle this furry creature until I am suffocating myself in cat hair.

Myao Ming is snuggle bug.  He has truly become a part of our daily lives, and is such a joy. He cuddles in our laps and watches movies with us, hangs with John during piano lessons (see photo marquee below), eats his dinner when we eat ours, and even (perhaps somewhat annoyingly to our non-cat loving guests**) is the center of the room when anyone comes over.

The point is, we love our snuggly Myao Myao. He brings us a lot of joy, and makes sad days happier with his adorable cuddly-ness.


Who couldn't adore that face?

*Were you expecting something more life momentous? Babies, Moving, something like that?  Well sorry to disappoint!!! ;)
**Apparently we have alienated some friends by adopting a cat. They have "Cat allergies" or something like that. LOL.

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