Sunday, January 8, 2012

Time Warp to 1981! Happy 30th Birthday John.

Over the break John, turned 30. YES, 30! Anyway, as I frequently do with parties I got a bit carried away. This time I will primarily blame Lara, my sister in law who was the brains behind everything. We did an 80s theme party with John's family. It was such a blast. We didn't tell anyone about the theme so it was a little shake up from our normal gathering.

 Since we didn't have enough time to tell everyone to wear 80s gear, we did some thrift shopping runs and got clothes for everyone. So as they arrived, they had to grab a bag with an "inspiration piece", and then go up stairs and find some other things to wear with it. It ended up being hysterical! Everyone got really into it -- even the kiddos. We listened to fun 80s pop music, ate a lot of good food and played a handful of fun "Whose Line is it Anyway" Improv games.

What a memorable night! So grateful for John-David -- all 30 years of him!!

*Yes I realize that people in the 80s may have not looked that ridiculous. See the McElderry family with a bit more composure here.
**Yes, John is wearing velvet pants with those lime green shorts in case you were wondering. LOL! And I am keeping that dress for next years halloween.

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