Monday, February 27, 2012

Case of the Mondays...

6:40 am- cat wakes me up 40 min before alarm clock. Throw cat out of room and attempt to go back to sleep.

7:20- Try to get out of bed. Why do I have a job again? Why do I have to wake up? Why is my bed so warm and everything else so cold?

740- Actually get out of bed. Jump in the shower. Get dressed, pack a lunch real quick. Hair is thrown up-- slept in too late for the hair dryer (story of my life).

8:30- Finally leave for work. I am pretty consistently late on Monday's and Friday's. Ugh! Need to get better...

9:00- 12 - Catch up on email, take care of a few things on my to do list. Log in to our project planning tool and check out the timeline's for all the projects in the program I help run. Nobody's timeline's have shifted, so very minimal updates to my weekly schedule report. Spend a little bit more time discussing with John on gchat  re: something we talked about this morning. Also spend about 10 minutes somewhere in there looking for last minute Florida vacations. I have a case of the Monday's and need the beach ASAP.

12-1:15 - Weekly Working Lunch. I eat some leftover feijoada (brazilian black bean dish) and some salad. I am trying to be healthy again (oh the ebbs and flows of weight loss attempts)... Working lunch is productive. We each review our focus for the week - mine is 1)Reviewing requirements for 3 specific projects & providing feedback, 2) Getting my head around testing and how we are going to role out an approach, 3) Wrapping up the loose ends of the Business Service Definition work I did a few months ago.

1:15 -2 - Double check I am all set to vote in Michigan's primary tomorrow. I have to call the clerk, because I am registered to vote under my maiden name. They think it will all work out okay-- we will see tomorrow. Get some  more work done.

2:15 -  Go downstairs to buy a water bottle... and somehow also come upstairs with an ice cream bar. GAH! Frustrating. Why do they sell things like that? And why did I have enough money in wallet to buy both? Decide to trash all of my girl scout cookies. YES, I know there are Starving Kids in Africa. I cannot keep these near my desk any longer. Thinking more clearly, instead of trashing them I  hand a few boxes to a colleague and then open a box and put in the "common treat ground" for anyone who wants them. Plus, this might tip the scale for my boss who swore of sweets last week and has some kind of sickeningly awesome will power... It is kind of a competition we are having now (again, I am epically failing) I think he should coach and mentor me less on my consultant skills and more on will power. Maybe they have seminars for this kind of thing? Will Power 101: How to ignore the chocolate that is talking to you. SIGN ME UP!

Shanghai Beef Stir Fry. YUM
2:30 - Tempting snacks and sweets eliminated from working space. Back  to being productive (ish). Do more work throughout the afternoon. The week is starting out a little slow.
6-7 Have our weekly team meeting. Not eventful Head home afterwards.

7-8 Make shanghai beef stir fry for dinner. This is one of the many freezer meals I made with friends last week. I love having ready made meals. John teaches piano and I start cutting some fabric for a new project while dinner finishes.

8-10:15 John and I enjoy dinner and we have family home evening. I attempt to play the piano for the song, and teach a lesson on love. We talk about how showing love though action can sometimes be more powerful than just saying it. We also discuss family business every fhe, so we go through everything from finances, upcoming meals, our calendars and any vacations we want to plan. I mention my Florida research, and we talk about maybe trying to take a short (less tropical) road trip this weekend. We watch a documentary about the puppeteer of Elmo for the activity (my original plan to make our own putt putt course fell through).

I have an early am tomorrow so off to bed. John is going to read me some Harry potter until we fall asleep.

Happy Monday.

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  1. I decided to do a dessert fast this week to extend Fast Sunday as part of the "find someone to take to stake conference" challenge. Mostly, because my current version of fasting is not really very difficult so I felt like I needed to put in some extra effort.

    Talk about effort! I don't think I've ever gone this long without chocolate (48 hrs and counting). It's killing me. And I had to make dessert for the RS meeting tonight. Ugh. My house and my hands smelled like brownies all day.


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