Sunday, February 26, 2012

Spiritually Nourished Sunday

7:45-John gets up and reminds me every 20 min that I should too. Did I mention that I am not a morning person? I eventually get up, straighten my hair and get dressed for church.

me after church. in case you wanted
 some pictures with all of this writing
9-10:15- We enjoy sacrament meeting a lot today. It is a fast day, which means we have a testimony meeting. There are two baby blessings- one for our very good friends' baby girl. The blessings are so beautiful. Something about baby blessings always bring me to tears, they brings such a special spirit to our meeting. I bear my testimony on how we are given the choice each day to start again at goals, and that we can choose to live the gospel each day. Many testimonies focus on the family, there is definitely a special spirit in the room.
10-11- As one of my callings I teach a Sunday school class for new members or people interested in learning about the church (or people who love the basics like me!) Today we discuss charity, and how it is the pure love of Christ and is an attitude or virtue we can each work on developing. I really love the class I have and learn a lot from teaching.

pretty flowers at my friends house.

11-12- Relief society (meeting with all women) is great. We talk about having to stand alone in what we believe in. I spend a lot of time reflecting on times when I have had to stand alone. One of the key messages was that we are really never alone. Our father in heaven is always with us, and will comfort us. I really felt the spirit so strongly at church today.
12-1 - choir practice. Singing while fasting makes me feel woozey. But it ends early.
1-2 went to visit a friend as a part of visiting teaching. We had some great conversation.
215- 430 -Get back home, chat with John, take a nap (or try to... Myao Myao wants to play and pounces on anything that flinches at all... Namely feet.) Also wake up and get a salad and dessert together for dinner.

515-715- pick up a friend and go to another family's house to enjoy a delicious dinner ( bring the salad and dessert along, we made mango sorbet for dessert. I think it was a hit as their 2.5 year old daughter ate hers, her dads, and tried to lick the bowl...). Enjoyed some great conversation.

my agricola board game. woo hoo.
7:15- 8. Head home. Spend some time relaxing, putting away leftovers and just talking.

8:15 -11:15 - Head over to some friends house and hang out for a bit, then play Agricola (remember, we borrowed it :) !) I got an awesome card that made it easier to play, so I ended up winning.

11:15- ? On the drive home we listen to scriptures together. In Exodus still Moses's father in law Jethro is giving him counsel. Now finishing this post and off to bed. Maybe more Harry Potter reading from John.

Happy Sunday!

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