Friday, March 2, 2012

Slacker of a Wednesday

Slacker because I didn't post my daily memoir! Here it is after the fact:
6:15 -8:30 - The usual! Me struggling to get out of bed. Cat hears the alarm clock and thinks it is his invitation to be my person wake up kitty (did I mention he is a smart kitty and usually around the same time each morning after my alarm he decides to cuddle and jump all over me?) Take shower, get dressed... rush to work.
8:30 - 12 I spend the AM at work wrapping up a few items. I send off updated drafts of a few documents I have been working on, as well as work on some items for International Women's Day, which I am helping to plan an event for at Work.
12-1 Weekly Working Lunch. Plan for a meeting later this afternoon that we needed to do some final prep for.
1-3:30 Spend some more time reviewing requirements docs. Send a handful of emails.
3:30-5:00 - Attend a Project Managers Meeting. We review status, discuss dependencies, and talk about risks and issues. Does that sound thrilling to you?
5:00-6:00 Hang around at work for a little while, need to chat with someone post meeting. Finally chat with her, discussion is a lot more tense than I would like to be and I spend the next few hours pondering how to fix/alleviate the situation.
6:15- 8:30  Run home to get John the car. He has to go to Scouts and needs the car for the evening. I put Chicken Broccoli Bake in the oven (one of my many freezer meals), and do some reading. Then I cut some fabric for a friend's quilt I am working on while watching a "Sabah", a movie on Netflix. This movie is really good...
8:30-11:15 John comes home, snarfs down some food and we head over to some friends house for dessert and to play, you guessed it, Agricola. Our friends know about our healthy goals, so instead of a rich chocolate-y dessert they serve berries and this delicious fruit dip. It is majorly delish. We have a great time playing the game, I am ahead the WHOLE game and thinking it is a clean sweep, until our one friend swoops in at the end and beats me by 1 point. I re-calculate just to make sure. Alas, I am defeated.

11:15- ? I love the movie and decide to finish it. John watches a soccer game while I finish the movie. The movie ends before the soccer game, so I head to bed and read until I fall asleep. I wake once or twice to John screaming out loud due a goal or some bad call in the soccer game. Needless to say, he gets into the games a lot!! I guess the US beat Italy for the first time ever... sort of a big deal.

So that was Wednesday... Phew! One more day to write up... this surely has been an interesting exercise.

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