Monday, March 12, 2012

Recent Projects: As told by my iPhone

Here are some of the projects I have finished lately: 

Cute bows. I churned these guys out while watching Downton Abbey.
Multi-tasking at it's best! A theme of this post might be baby gifts.
 More baby gifts I have made here.
Bows finished with headband stretchy thingys.
Technical terminology for crafting!
Quilt made for a good friend. This was my first time applique'ing (sp?) on the back of a quilt.
We actually made two of these in a weekend. John helped a ton!! 

Polly the Pig. Made to match a cute friend's nursery.
This was a fun and quick project. I am addicted to Softies.
Me cooking freezer meals with some friends. Yes, it is blurry.
Yes that is a garbage bag that I used to mix the entrees -- there wasn't a bowl big enough!!
We used recipes from Fix, Freeze, Feast and have been eating off of them for weeks.
Lately I have been reading a lot. Some non fiction, some fiction.
Some serious. Mostly not.
I keep track of what I am reading here.
This is Myao Ming's successful attempt at distracting me. He is adorable though....
What have you been up to lately??

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