Thursday, October 20, 2011

Recent Projects: Baby Gifts

Some of my absolute favorite craft projects are baby gifts. I love giving homemade baby gifts to friends. Something is just so sweet and innocent about babies, I feel like I get to participate in the wonder, joy and excitement of an expected baby when I make projects for them. So, really they are all made kind of selfishly for the happy feeling/ good baby bliss, but hopefully their momma's like them too :)

Here are some of the baby gifts I have done this past year or so:

Tag Blankets
I have done these for a while... are really fun, quick, and from my understanding babies love playing with and sucking on the tags. A good tutorial is here. Sometimes I quilt these from cute prints, sometimes I use silky fabric, fuzzy fabric... just depends on colors and what sparks my fancy.

Nursing Covers (Sometimes called "Hooter Hiders")

These are for women who are nursing want to make sure they are covered. I found the tutorial to make these from Sew Much Ado.


I went through a softy phase about a year and a half ago. I did highlight my sock monkeys here, but was pretty despondent about the other projects I did.

Clucky the Hen* from Melly & Me

Elodie the Elephant* from One Yard Wonders

Baby Quilts*
I don't get to make baby quilts as much as I would like to. I did get to do a quick paneled Winnie the Pooh Quilt for a Colleague. Don't be too impressed though, this is just a panel from walmart that you add batting and a back to and then quilt over the lines to make it look legit/took a long time quilt. But! It works for me.

I have spruced up a lot of onesis this past year with ties and bowties for boys, cute flowers and birdies for girls, but alas I have not been a good picture taker of most of these. Here is my nephew Vincent in a Cowboy Onesie I made him. (Hat and Baby provided by the sweet Lara)

My mom just made these for her future grandkids. I thought they were adorable. You think she is anxious much? lol

Again, I love baby projects. It will be exciting one day when I am doing these projects for me and a new mcelderry. For now though, it is fun to revel in the happiness of friends and family members and share my happiness for them with a simple gift.

*OK, I am a slacker and couldn't find the pictures of my projects for these. So these are not the EXACT ones I made, but ones I found on the internet that are the same pattern and look pretty much the same.

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  1. I just read your blog for hour... You are so crafty! I love love love the cowboy onsie! Actually, I love all the baby things you made. You gave me some great ideas! And I laughed at Jon's jalapeno picture. And I loved your stuck-in-the-elevator story. Thanks for posting! Hope all is well, and I sure am glad you get to be home more now!


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