Friday, August 27, 2010

this pretty baby...

is coming to the McElderry house!

After John and I got married, we had big plans to use some of our wedding gift money to buy a Kitchen-Aid Mixer. Alas, after rent down payments, buying a bed, comforter set and a few other necessities for our home there was just not enough to buy our dream mixer.

This is where the great performance award program at my company comes in. I got a few performance awards this week- and voila! Enough for this pretty baby (we are getting the 6 quart one too!)

Just thought I should share my exciting news. I still have $130 dollars left to spend. What would you get?


  1. I would get a Nook or Kindle!!! Have you seen them? They are SOO amazing!! Electronic book, WAY cheeper than an Ipad and completely awesome!

  2. Kitchenaid mixer = an absolute staple. That is so exciting!

    Have you looked into the attachments? The meat grinder one is very handy, as is the juicer!

  3. I vote for the attachments as they are awesome and ...oh yeah useful. This is also my dream machine but we just have no room for one. I play games on Club Bing where you earn "tickets" and then spend the for things. I nearly had enough to get a free Kitchen Aide mixer just like this one;only I wanted mine in Silver. Then my son said we didn't have enough counter space for it so I gave up on the idea. Kitchen Aides last forever. My mom had the same one from the time I was a kid (I'm soon to be 65) until she died a couple of years ago.


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