Monday, August 23, 2010

Tour De Food (and Ann Arbor)

Both of John's sisters, and his sister Liz's family (Brother in law + 3 kiddos) came to visit us for our summer vacation. It was awesome! We spent the first few days in Ann Arbor, and then we headed up to Sleeping Bear Dunes for a few days of beach time.

All of our family are notorious foodies, so we spent one of the days visiting Zingerman's. If you visit Ann Arbor, Zingerman's really is a must. Their tour de food gets you a free tshirt and a lot of yummy samples if you visit all of their locations.

Here are Jason (Spectacular Brother in Law) & John (you know, my one and only) enjoying a sample of balsamic vinegar. Did I mention this balsamic vinegar had been aged for 50 years and was $250 for a little bottle? It is super yummy, usually used for desserts and such (I once tried it on gelato-delish!)

Here is the whole family at the creamery . This was too much fun and the kiddos even enjoyed it. Other fun Ann Arbor adventures included a walk of campus, eating at Kosmos, the Farmers Market and visiting the wave field. These are definitely a few of my favorite places.


  1. I love Kosmos! Doug used to work there and we're really good friends with the owner. Yum!!

  2. I don't spent much time on north campus, but my parents and I accidentally stumbled upon the wave field early in my Michigan career and I have pictures of my dad and I surfing the waves :). Ann Arbor has so many great little places to visit!


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