Thursday, August 12, 2010

Crafting is in my blood...

I think creativity and the desire to create is a part of my heritage. I have many incredibly talented family members, but I know without a doubt that my love for crafting came from my mother.

My mother has "been there and perfected that" in pretty much all crafting medium. I am constantly impressed that my mom can just decide to try something and so naturally become so skilled. She made the bridesmaid dresses for her wedding while she was still in college. She learned how to make intricately decorated birthday cakes to make her children's birthdays special. She made many halloween costumes growing up.

She gave hand made cards and gifts most years at Christmas. For my 8th "American Girl Doll" birthday party, she made every one of my friends an American Girl Doll Sleeping Bag. She single handedly scrapbooked my entire existence before high school. She sold homecoming mums to friends and neighbors. She made all of the floral arrangements for my wedding, and did pretty much everything else.

Now she does maternity, baby and wedding photography for friends, family and colleagues. To sum it up, she is incredible.

My mom was the one who taught me to craft. She helped me pick out paper for my first scrapbook in 8th grade and taught me some of her favorite techniques. When I was 16 she talked the owner of new scrapbook store into hiring me. She bought me my first sewing machine. And she stayed up with me nights before I started college to help me create some cute things to decorate my room.

I am so grateful for my mother, and for the joy she brings to my life. I am also so grateful she shared her crafty passion with me, it brings me great joy and in many ways defines a big part of me :)

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  1. What a sweet post! I am a lover of crafts too and like to dabble in different areas. Unfortunately, I haven't mastered many. ;) But I love doing them.


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