Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I may be in love with Justin Bieber. It may have started with his movie Never Say Never. You should see it.

I (somehow) came home with an xbox and kinect on black friday. Oops :)

I am wearing wool leg warmers to work today with a skirt. I mean, a girl is gonna freeze this winter without those. I tried taking them off when I got here to look more professional, which led to further freezing and they came right back on.

I secretly want to become a sharepoint developer/consultant. It is SUCH a useful tool that few people know how to really leverage. I wonder if MS lets you work part time from home.... ??? ha!

I asked Santa for blonde hair in kindergarten. Seriously. He didn't grant me that one.

Very little gets me as jazzed as solving a problem in excel. Or making beautiful powerpoints. No sarcasm here folks. I love MS tools.

I am trying to advert my addiction to cheese grits. I made this recipe from Pioneer Woman about a month ago and almost died of cheesy creamy deliciousness. You should try them if you think you handle it.

This is the first time in years I haven't work 2-3 jobs. Just one. It's great :)

Sometimes I buy things only for their cuteness. John always says..."Kristin, are you buying this just to take a picture of it?". I smile, because too frequently the answer is yes.

I may or may not have bought these candy cane-esque straws purely for cute factor. And this adorable masking tape.

I am a HORRID baker. Cooking... meh I am getting better. But me and baking... we don't fly. Requires using a timer and following the rules (or recipe). Not something I am good at in the kitchen. Some proof here in case I have ever fooled you.

I take on too much CONSTANTLY -- it is my achille's heel. Like trying to handmake these for each of your 10 nieces/nephews before Christmas. Chaos is all that can ever ensue.

What do you need to own up to?

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  1. Jeremy uses Sharepoint at his job... of course, it's down a lot of the time, which frustrates him to no end... but, otherwise, I think he really like it.

    I love MS tools, too!

    Oh, and don't worry that Santa didn't make you blonde... we all know you're a blonde trapped in a brunette's body. LOL. :P


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