Thursday, December 3, 2009

#37: How Much I Love my Family

One of my greatest realizations during college was how much I love and miss my family. I don't know why it didn't click before I left, but I really took for granted how much my family meant to me. Heck, I was excited to go at the time. But a lot of things struck me after being away from home. I missed my sisters so much. I tried to connect with them via phone or facebook, but it just wasn't the same. Sometimes I felt sad or lonely and just needed someone to talk to, and that would have been when I plopped on my moms bed and talked her ear off. Sometimes I wanted to explore nature, but I really just couldn't enjoy it as much without my dad.

Our family has gone through a lot in the past few years. I love them so much, and I hope they realize how much they mean to me. I am not always the kindest to my family. It is a hard truth that sometimes we are most cruel to the ones we love most. It is also true that often we take for granted that which we love most. I have learned both of these things in my college experience, but mostly to appreciate the the people you love, and let them know how much you care often.

This past weekend I spent with my family was incredible. I took long walks with my dad, Heather did my makeup. Lauren and I fought over covers sharing a bed, Mom and I worked on a craft together. What a perfect weekend.

How grateful I am for my family.

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