Tuesday, December 8, 2009

#36: Mean People Suck

I was thinking today about posting and this really just stuck in my mind.

But the more I dive into this subject, I wonder-- are people really inherently mean? Do they intend to be mean in all they do, are they always mean? Sometimes I think this is true. Sometimes someone is literally always awful to me and to others I care about, which makes me lump them into this mean category. What if they think happy people suck? This is definitely not my conclusion, because I am happy and don't suck (okay, not sound evidence but this is not the point of my post)

So then--- why are they mean? Is it their countenance, their upbrining, or maybe just something going on in their life? I know nice people can act mean, heck I have a mean streak when I am angry enough. And I don't hate nice people because they act mean sometimes, I guess I just hate the meanness.

After careful consideration, I think there are no mean people, just people who act mean. This may be the idealist in me wishing, hoping and naively believing all people are good, but it is how I want to view with world so I am content.

I think there are some people who act mean frequently. Maybe theirs is a burden I will never understand, but I am sad for them nonetheless.

So I thereby edit my lesson.
#36: It sucks when people are mean.

What do you think? Do mean people existent, or do people just act mean?


  1. I think people can turn into mean people due to their circumstances, frustrations, and/or the mean way they've been treated. But I think they can turn into nice people again if treated well.

  2. This post made me think of the line from the amazing musical "Wicked".
    "Are people born wicked? Or do they have wickedness thrust upon them?"
    And I totally agree with what you concluded. <3


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