Sunday, December 13, 2009

#35: Teaching them how to fish

"Feed a fish and people eat for one day; teach them how to fish and they feed themselves every day.

From the standpoint of the social justice advocate as well, teaching someone to fish presumes that the person a) has access to a lake, b) that a corporate conglomerate has not fished out that lake and c) that our industrial waste has not poisoned all of the fish. Teaching someone to fish, in other words, presupposes a redistribution of power within a society or, at least, sufficient unexploited nooks and crannies (untapped lakes) where new fisheries can be established. Capacity building, in other words, requires both compassionate service and social justice advocacy."

-- Charles R. Strain

"Moving Like a Starfish:
Beyond a Unilinear Model of Student Transformation in Service Learning Classes"

Journal of College & Character VOLUME VIII, NO. 1, November 2006


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