Sunday, February 10, 2013

Finished Project: Americana Baby Boy Quilt

One big perk to settling down in one location and no longer travelling is that I have had time to craft a lot more than last summer/fall. I did a paint by numbers project over Christmas (surprisingly easy and relaxing), I started a scrapbook/smashbook that features highlights from 2012, and I have been quilting up a storm. Below is a project I just finished for a colleague at work and his upcoming baby boy. Their primary nursery colors are creme and red, with "rustic americana" as the theme.

This quilt was very similar to one I made about this time last year for my friend Erin. I think this might be my favorite kind of baby quilt because they are so easy to put together but also are a little more personal than a swaddling blanket (which I also make a lot of). My favorite way to make them is to applique a monogram or word on the back to give it a little bit of personality.

As usual, as soon as I set the quilt down to take photos, Myao Ming decided I was on his turf and he needed to check things out.

A little  bit of the detail. I have a tendency to be a bit too "matchy matchy" with my quilts, but I think this one came out nice. I also used a friend's machine quilter for the first time which was really fun and also makes for such a nice finished product.  I am now in major machine envy and dream of owning my own (I just need a few, say 10 or so... thousand dollars!)

And here the kitty has claimed his spot for a nap. Hopefully no one who receives gifts from me is allergic to cats... yikes! But in all truthfulness, I did dump him off the quilt shortly after this photo was taken.

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