Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cancun Trip: Fun Day at Xel Ha

Commence the Cancun trip posts! The same day we went to Tulum, we headed over to Xel-Ha for an afternoon of fun. It is a somewhat enclosed lagoon where the water is a lot calmer and is fun to swim in. We did cliff diving, snorkeled, ate at many of the yummy buffets, and mostly just relaxed. Here are some of my faves:

Does this look like paradise or what? I wish we could have been there longer so I could have enjoyed a nap in a hammock.

Many of the pictures from our trip are courtesy of this guy:

When I was shopping at wally world (wal mart) for some disposable cameras, I found this and it was around $65 (what a deal!) . Takes fairly good pictures and was a ton of fun to have on the trip. We also took some hilarious videos which I may share pending permission from the embarrassed parties (or maybe I share anyway?) lol.

Anyway, we had a great day at Xel-Ha and would recommend it to folks going to Cancun.

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