Tuesday, September 27, 2011

This Year in Numbers

This past year I...

flew 56,539 miles.
spent 132 nights in a hotel.
drove 30 different rental cars.
traveled through 12 different airports.
worked with people on 4 different continents.
missed my husband dearly 176 days.

I learned. I grew. I channeled the three stooges pretty much daily. I became more patient with folks who work in the travel industry. I became a pro at packing, an addict to indian food. I learned to always carry a spare barf bag. I found out where all the good places to sleep are at O'Hare airport. I became an excel diva, a powerpoint goddess. I met some incredible people and made some lifelong friendships.

It was a great year. I am glad to be home. I will always remember this past year as a time of incredible growth.

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