Friday, September 9, 2011

Craft Project Queue

This blog has had a scarcity of craft posts lately... why you ask? This wanna be crafty all the time lady has a demanding corporate* job out of state. And although she has made attempts to tout her sewing machine with her in her checked luggage, it is just not working out.

To be fair, I have done some homemade baby gifts etc, I am just not fabulous about posting them. Also, I feel like over the summer my crafty energy was funnelled into cooking projects (canning, cooking and then freezing yummy food to eat later, gaining weight generally, etc).

Regardless... here are some of the projects in my queue that I have plans for:

Little Boy Bowties from Kiki Creates

A Big 3-0 pinata to celebrate John's 30th this year

A Homemade Skirt... also an extender slip (isn't this cute??)

Some Nursing Covers (lots of friends with Babys on the Way)

Dino Tails for my Nephews & Nieces from Running with Scissors

*k. I don't identify myself as Corporate, never thought I would work for a fortune 500. But you know what? I do. And I enjoy my job. And I am learning to embrace that I am a lot more corporate than my self image portrays. Lol.

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