Friday, June 26, 2009

What Should I Do With My Life?

As many of you know, I am graduating in December. Somehow I always thought that when people graduated from college they had their lives together. Hmph! What a stinking LIE! Perhaps I will figure it out in the next few months, but I highly doubt it.

I think my problem with deciding what career I want to explore is that I am interested in a VERY wide variety of things. I have always thought I would work for a non-profit. Well? Which one do I work for? Is there really ONE cause I care so much about I want to devote my career and life's work to? Nope. Not really.

I know for me, the point of life is to be happy, healthy and surrounded by those I love. So, ultimately a career isn't going to make or break my life, But! There are just so many things I want to do! Okay... well maybe too many things. How do I choose??? Below features a list of possible career options, albeit random, that have popped in my mind for consideration (serious or not). This may be a glance at the extraordinary mirk of my mind or a tribute to my ADD, but alas--possible career paths for Kristin are below. Oh, and don't forget to vote which one you think is most promising ;)

Wouldn't I be the best Old Folks Home Activities Director ? I am full of energy and enjoy planning things, I love spending time with older people, and have an interest in gerontology from the public health side. SEE! My life's calling! Okay, well the downside would be yucky smells, and potentially high turnover of clients, but seriously who doesn't wanna play that much bingo??

Or, I could be a Pastry Chef!!! Now that would be the life! I could start my own bakery, be my own boss!! AND-- how cute are cakes? Seriously, I want to do this for the cuteness. Think of the creative marketing I could do for a bakery. Plus, John already volunteered to by my personal taste tester!! Might not be so good for this whole losing weight thing though...

So much for the fluffy stuff, I should be an IRS Auditor! I have a friend who works for the IRS, it sounds like paradise in this economy. Farely good income with great benefits and tons of vacation days, plus they are everywhere so relocation might not be too bad. And let's face it, I am just that hardcore. Take a couple more accounting classes (so I hated those... whatever!) and I am game! So maybe everyone you know will hate you and then ask you to do their taxes. WHAT A DEAL!

Okay, last but not least... I should be a School Principal!! I want to go to grad school anyway, and I have always wanted to teach at some point in my life. I could work my way up to administration and be a principal! It would use my love of helping people (all those poor kids), need for management and leadership and provide a lot of cool ways to outreach to the community. Yep, that would be AWESOME. Who doesn't want to put those bullies in their place? So maybe my yard would be tee-pee'd a lot. I would be the BIG Man (WOMAN!) on campus. Now... what subject do I want to teach before my swift rise to administration???

So there you go, four great career options for Kristin. Which do you think is most promising? Any more not on my list that you think are a perfect fit?

Disclaimer: While I am considering these and many more options, this is more for fun than anything :P


  1. Jessica B. WhiteJune 26, 2009 at 4:23 PM

    Wow, I could see you doing any of those. How about School Principal with pastry chef as a hobby/2nd business for fun!! Would be a good creative outlet for you. I have a friend who teaches and has a bakery too!

  2. pastry chef for sure! :)
    p.s. this is heather. i will work for you.
    i can do all the art work for the cakes..


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