Thursday, June 11, 2009

thrift crazed, deal loving, bride gone mad

Yesterday driving home from Dallas I was just in one of the brightest, happy-go lucky moods. I started reflecting- gosh why am I so darn elated?? Immediately I realized, it was because I got a deal!!

I am officially a deal dork. Nothing gives me a high like finding something I need, much lower than the market price (there's to my not so deal business education!)

Lately I have been doing a lot of wedding planning- and I find myself scouring craigslist (in any city I might happen to travel to) and I have to admit I am probably going to have a gorgeous wedding, for 1/10 the price of most people!!! Now isn't that just AWESOME? Okay, so you may not be a deal-seeker like me, but here are some good finds I have made lately.

Brown Silk Ribbon-- 20 cents a yard! helloo that is awesome!!

Hurricane Vases 8.5 inches tall-- $2 a piece. These are like $15 bucks retail my friend.

Silk Roses for about $.20 a stem! woah!! I am making my own centerpieces, bouquets, boutinieeres, and corsages. woop!

Feaux Coffee Bean Vase Fillers I want to add a brown touch to the centerpieces, so I thought I might use Coffee Beans that a lot of people are using. But coffee beans are pricy! So I am going to spray paint regular beans (which are cheap), that lovely dark chocolate cover. Brilliant! I know!!!

In other exciting thriftiness- I am making my own veil! They wanted $200 for one where I bought my dress (on sale of course)... but the fabric is like 50 cents a yard. So! My mom and I are making it. I just finished the trim, put it on the hair comb, and now onto beading!! I want it to look like this...
With detail something like below (ambitious much?)
I will probably spend $20 total on the veil. WAY TO GO!

Finally, in salute to my fine thriftiness, I have found someone in the ward who just got married and is going to let me borrow all of her organza fabric to make the church ceiling look like this. WOOOHOOOO!

Okay, that was too much fun. I have a ton more "thrifty wedding ideas" in practice-- will probably post more along the way!


  1. Wow, you got some really great deals!! I'm the same way though when it comes to some good bargains! I tell everyone about them! I love the chocolate brown. It's going to be a beautiful wedding!!

  2. Way to go! I love a good deal! I just spent a considerable amount of time making a faux wedding invite to mess with a friend of mine (I know, I'm cruel), and I found that I was able to make something really nice for not a lot of $$! Good to know...


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