Tuesday, May 19, 2009

wedding dress, internships and car-hopping

Hello blog world,
Forgive me for my excessive despondency. Lots of stuff has happened since my last post... but the past is past and here is the present!

- I bought a wedding dress yesterday!!!!! It is real! I am getting married soon! Okay, January 2nd (I think) so not super soon... but it is becoming more real! My mom and I have been planning etc etc, my colors are chocolate and ivory. So my dress is going to have sleeves added and it will also be in ivory. YAY! Check out my wedding dress!

-I started my internship with the American Foundation for the Blind, I am really excited about it so far. I am creating a library catalog for them and classifying all of the books they have, and then connecting to libraries/other agencies to make people more aware of the library they have. Woo hoo!

-I am heading back to Michigan in the middle of June for a week to take care of John. He is having surgery on his acl (sadface...) and needs someone to be with him. I miss him a ton so I am just excited to be visiting.

-Okay, I am really a workaholic. I have gotten a part time job on top of my internship at Sonic. Right now I only work in the fountain- but soon I will carhop. In all honesty, I really can't stand the job thus far. I have worked a lot of jobs... and this is the pits. In other news I am doing weight watchers- so despite my frequence to the Sonic- I am NOT eating any of their food- drinks and yummy icecream included. I have already lost 6 pounds.... so I am gonna stick to it and look super beautiful in my wedding dress.

Lol- okay that's it for now. More updates on home sweet home Texas soon. Being with family has been rocking, even if I am away from my friends elsewhere.
Love ya wherever you are!

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  1. I love w.w. I'm sad I'm not participating. I really should join you. Glad TX is going well!


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