Thursday, April 12, 2012

Eye infections, cuddle kits and other thoughts

Currently I have a stye in my eye. Thanks to google I know that this is an infection similar to pink eye - but is not quite so contagious (I was hoping it was so I could work from home for a few days... yep I said that in public)

Anyway, thinking about this stye made me think of a funny memory I want to document from the last time I had an eye infection.

It was right after John and I has started dating. We were in what I will call the "blissful butterflies and hearts stage" where just hearing his name made my heart skip a beat (as opposed to now when I am this jaded married lady who shudders when I hear his name....kidding).

I had pink eye and didn't want him to get it, so we weren't going to see each other for a few days. As young lovers do... we both didn't anticipate the separation. So the second day apart I get a call from John. He is down stairs. He came to see me.  He misses me so much. He has a plan to avoid getting pink eye!

Skeptical, but desperate to see John I let him upstairs. As soon as he came in, he pulled something out of his bag... and proceeded to put these two things on...

Yes friends, those are lab glasses and rubber gloves.

 He told me they were his "cuddle kit" and his plan to be with me and not get pink eye. I almost died laughing. I told him I wouldn't come near him with a ten foot pole in that attire, though I did care for his health!

I don't remember using the cuddle kit for long, but I will forever have the image of him in those goggle and gloves seared in my mind with his adorable smile. It makes me laugh and smile to this day.

And that my friends... is what made me fall in love with this stud.

His quirky, silly, scientific, albeit romantic sense of humor.

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