Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What class would you take in college if you could choose differently?

Whenever I reflect on this question, I think of fun and interesting classes that would have enriched my mind and stimulated my intellectual curiousity. You know, none of the boring finance, accounting etc. that I had to struggle through. I am thinking Shakespeare, Sociology, maybe creative writing or a philosphy class. Something I would ENJOY.

But right now, I wish I had taken a class on excel.

Computers might just be the deevolution and evolution of man simultaneously. I feel like an ape smacking a computer trying to figure out pivot tables.

Don't you hate when practicality plays a trump card? I sure do.

What class would you take (practical or not?)


  1. I once lost my mind and took biochem 451 for fun. It really really was not. It's fun to think about what you would like to take but don't really ever do it without asking a good friend if you are out of your mind. Then listen carefully!

  2. After I finished all my course work I took that TV Writing class just for fun and it made me think, "After 9 years of college, how did I not know that there were fun, amazing classes like this?" Seriously, we analyzed episodes of Lost and The Office in class and my homework was carefully scrutinizing 30 Rock. Best class ever.

    I also wish I had taken a Shakespeare class.

  3. I wish I had taken an out-door rec. class and gone on fun camping/hiking/water rafting trips. With all that right there at my fingertips in UT I can't believe I missed out.

    p.s. your rental car is totally hot. :)

  4. My favorite class was the History of Witchcraft. (No joke!) I would have loved to take another class by that professor - he taught Greek Mythology, but I didn't have room for it in my schedule. I also wanted to take more photography classes, but you had to get into the program to take them... So I just took them at the community college.


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