Monday, October 18, 2010

Fear of Fishies

I have a problem. With Seafood.

I don't know what traumatic event in my childhood did it-- but for some reason I absolutely cannot stand seafood. Looking at it. Smelling it. Walking through that part of the grocery store. Just gives me the shivers thinking about it.
I have tried getting out of my box (I eat crab rangoons with fake crab atleast?), but to no avail.

While John and I were in Raleigh this weekend, I promised John we could go to 42nd Street Oyster Bar, a famous seafood restaraunt in the area in an attempt to be a sweet and thoughtful wife.

I ordered one of the 4 non-seafood items on their menu, and John ordered snow crab. I fairly quickly finished my dinner, and John had made it through only ONE crab leg.

The rest of the dinner I sat across John trying not to smell or watch too closely as my nausea grew more profound.

Does anyone else have problems with certain foods?


  1. I try so very hard to like seafood. There's nothing wrong with disliking it, but people get such joy from shrimp or crab or fish, and I'd like to share in that. But even though I've managed to acquire a taste for salmon, and I can do some other types of seafood if heavily battered and dipped in some kind of yummy sauce, most seafood still kind of turns my stomach. I think you have to grow up on it, and since my mom also doesn't like seafood we just never ate it as kids.

  2. I love seafood for the most part, but I hate the smell of raw fish in the fish aisle of the grocery store. And I won't eat soup with fish in it. I can't help but imagine that the fish were just cooked right in their own water. Too gross for me.

  3. THAT looks sooo good! Sorry it made you feel sick :-) I like almost anything which is a serious detrement to my hips :-)

  4. I've been wondering what you've been up to,,,,,Paul has the same problem so we cook fish when he is away from home. Days later he still says it smells

  5. I kid you not, but I feel exactly the same way. For example, when folk on the food network talk about eating crawfish and how "you need to suck on the heads because the best flavor is there"...oh, I could just hurl.

    Things like crabs and lobsters give me the heebie-jeebies, because they look like what they are - big sea-going insects. Ugh. And I just plain dislike the "fishy" smell anyway.

    I don't begrudge others their love of seafood, but I can start to see how vegetarians/vegans might feel about me eating meat.


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