Tuesday, July 27, 2010

1/2 birthday

John's birthday is the day after Christmas, so it has sort of been lumped in with the holidays for a long time. For John's half birthday this year I threw him a little party. It was a complete surprise, and a ton of fun.

Early that day (a Sunday) I made a big chocolate cake with yummy ganache frosting under the pretense it was going to a woman I visit teach. John kept saying... "Kristin, I am not sure if we should give away this cake. Can we maybe just give her a slice and eat the rest?". Then I started dinner (and my sweet John didnt notice I was cooking for way more than 2 people), when our friend Abe called needing help with moving some furniture. It couldnt wait until after dinner, so John left and came home about 25 minutes later to find a some friends, birthday decor and a big spaghetti dinner to celebrate his 28.5 years of life. It was wonderful to celebrate the man who means so much to me :)

I am bummed I don't have more pictures... I will just have to remember to take some on his next half birthday (ha!). I am feeling an "over the hill" theme coming on...

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