Tuesday, November 10, 2009

#40: Snow Boots

No, I was not in Kansas anymore. Or Texas for that matter. During my first semester in Michigan as November crept in I began to realize something very hard to deal with, something uncomfortable, something horrid-- that my feet were always cold!

You know, southern shoes are just not made the same way northern shoes are. Albeit that most of my shoe wardrobe (shoe-drobe?) consisted of open toed shoes and sandals as appropriate in Texas, even my more hearty shoes really couldn't take the looming call of winter. I remember my mom trying to "equip" me with some shoes for the cold weather. From this quest comes the tale of my first pair of snow boots.

My Mom and I (in September mind you) were searching for snow boots and just couldnt find anything, and then a handsome fellow at the payless said he had just the idea. He rushed to the back and came out with-- nothing else but moon boots! YES! MOON BOOTS! They were big and puffy and silvery and shiny and... they were just moon boots!

Don't believe me? Check out those babies! They were the only winter boots I had most of my freshman year. Eventually I felt like such a dork (I mean so incredibly cool) that I begged my aunt to take me to the store for some new boots.

My new boots were plain and black and could be worn with everything-- but they were not my moon boots :(

Lesson Learned: Don't shop out of season, always use the proper foot wear and last but not least, moon boots are still IN!

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