Monday, January 5, 2009

Overview of the Holidays

Hey all! So instead of write an expose on each thing I did over break I thought I would highlight some of the greater moments since I got out of finals!)

The day of my last final, to celebrate I stayed up all night sewing a bag. Yep, dork.

While I was still in Michigan I convinced John to play hookie and go have a "christmas day" with me. We headed to Frankenmuth, and also hit a tree farm on the way.
We got our first ever Christmas tree together. And... we even decorated it! We only got to enjoy it for a few days, but it was so much fun!

I prepared and sang a song with John for my family (it was called Star Bright, and we sang in Spanish and in English!)

I gave my mom a homemade quilt (I even designed the top!) and my dad a decoupaged bird house. (pictures to come)

I went to midnight mass with my family, then woke up the next morning for presents and egg nog french toast (YUM).

John had a birthday, so I planned a party :)

I went bridesmaid dress shopping (yes, one of my BEST buds Jamie is getting married and chose me to be a bridesmaid!!!!!)

I went to Arkansas, hung with John's awesome fam and saw one of his nephews be baptized!

I went to the emergency room at 4 in the morning... yeah not being able to breathe is scary. (allergy attack-gah!)

I went to a church new years dance, and then hardly could stay up through the new year.

I had a wonderful, relaxing break where I cherished many loved ones and felt enriched by their love and the spirit. Oh what a joyous season! Christ is born!

And now, feeling prepared and ready to get going... it's back to the grind!

<3 Kristin

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  1. Gotta love any post that includes the word "decoupage."


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